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5# Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd comes back to London to work as a barber in the city again but notices that everything has changed.

This is a great movie for a lonely evening with snacks when you want to watch a horror movie without too much horror, some singing, not too much blood, some laughter, a sad back story, a sad lovestory, a dirty backery and London.

Alan Rickman in Sweeney Todd is great if you want to see him getting his beard shaved off while singing a duet with the barber. If not: You will love it anyways.

4# Love Actually

Rickman has spoken
Rickman has spoken

It´s Christmas and everyone is having problems with their beloved ones. A collection of short stories which all come together to one big story in the end.

Love Actually is the perfect movie for Valentines Day, Christmas or simply for an evening with your best friends and lots of chocolate.

Alan Rickman is behavng like a dick in this one but that doesnt matter because Hugh Grant is just so adorable as president.

3# Harry Potter

(Everyone knows Harry Potter, no summary needed)

Harry Potter is perfect whenever you want watch it wherever you want to watch it.

Yes, I am sorry but Snape is a part of his life now. He was and still is perfect as the snarky potions professor. Do I have to write anything more? No? But I will write fanfictions...Always

2# Robin Hood

Robin Hood (do I really need to explain this?) steals from the rich and gives it to the poor.

The old movies are the best but this... This movie is fucking great. Brilliant story, brilliant acting, brilliant locations. A great movie for evenings with your beloved ones.

Alan Rickman at his finest. This man understands what it means to get in character and stay in character. Just look at his facial impression above. God I am so done.AL

Speaking of God:

1# Dogma

A woman is send out to stop two fallen angels from entering heaven again. (I'ts kind of difficult to explain, but you can watch the whole movie on youtube)

Alan Rickman as Gods voice? Hell yes. Alan Rickman with wings? Hell yeah! Well then: Dogma is great to watch alone. It´s really funny...maybe don´t watch it with kids becuase the Angel dudes are pretty hardcore and you know...guns and some blood but no corpses or anything... um It also has a happy ending and two sidekicks. I really want to tell more about the whole movie but I would spoiler a lot.

Rickman. As. An. Angel. He is a great actor, we all know that. It doesn't matter in what movie he is always amazing.

Another great one: "An awfully big adventure"

A young girl gets a job at the local theatre where she meets P. L. O'Harra the actor of Captain Hook in the Peter Pan musical.

This is one of my personal favourites, because I like how a romance blossoms between the two of them.



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