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I've read and made a lot of stories on FanFiction. Gaming is another way to. Thats not even the beginng...

The Cobbler is one of my favorite movies not just because of the famous celebrity Adam Sandler the plays the main role in it. The reason I like it is because it has humor in it, a short of an adventure like when he steps into the shoes, The really funny part that I loved was when he put on a pair of dead guys shoes and his reaction! Plus the car scene. He lives other lives that most people would want to do. What really go to me was when his mom died and at the end of the movie his father appears.

I been talking to much of why i like it.

The Cobbler is a movie that has adventure of life's, sadness, and surprise. It would bring laughter to you and whom you watch it with but it also may bring tears, I recommend you watch it. On Netflix!


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