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We've been hit with comic show after comic show that exceeds expectations, thanks to the CW. That's sort of become their stance on shows of that genre. With Arrow being a darker, fight-oriented show, and The Flash being a lighter, science-pointed show, there are a few templates missing in the list.

Such as...........

1. The Question

It's been officially confirmed that Gotham and the CW shows are not set in the same universe, but if it were, we'd have had Renee Montoya. Now if you know the story of the Question, you may know that Renee is the second person to take the mantle of the Question. However, I would prefer the original Question, Charles Victor Szasz aka Vic Sage, over miss Montoya.


For those of you who don't know who/what/how The Question is, Vic Sage is an investigative journalist. His old professor became a scientist who developed a artificial flesh bandage, which, unfortunately, had a toxic element that was, in some cases, fatal. The co-developer of the fake skin went to sell it on the black market, regardless of the dangers.

Sage went after the doctor, disguised with a mask made of the material. Once he was done with that case, he decided to keep it, solving cases, such as the 32nd Baskin Robbins flavor. Not joking, that actually happened.

Why it would would make a good TV show

Now, i'm aware that we have Gotham, so keep that in mind when you read this article, but imagine any other detective show. Sherlock, Law and Order. But with a boss, faceless detective taking down some of the smaller, more criminal- styled villains, like Black mask or possibly Two- Face or one-episode sillier villains, such as Kite Man or cluemaster.

2. DC Comics Presents

If you're wondering, it's Superman and Firestorm
If you're wondering, it's Superman and Firestorm

This is my favorite option. A TV show of "DC Comics Presents" would be a show that each episode, features a new character or team each episode. It has the ability to introduce new heroes and villains into the TV universe in mass. First episode is Telling the story of Blue Beetle, episode 2 is the introducing the Mighty Shazam, next, we get a look at a group by the name of the Justice Society of America.

Why it would make a good TV show

Like I said, it could bring in heroes and villains in every episode. If there were to be brought in through a show like Arrow or The Flash, it'd have to be directly related to them. If Gentleman Ghost was to be in the TV universe, he would have to be planning heists in Star City or Metamorpho helping out Barry, Cisco and Caitlyn. But if this show were to exist, It would simply have an episode on Elongated man's origins.

3. Deadman

Boston Brand was a circus performer at Haley's Circus, the very same as Dick Grayson. only difference? While attempting to do a trick that less than 10 people in the world can do, he got shot and killed.

I can't think of a clever caption for this.
I can't think of a clever caption for this.

His time on Earth was not yet done, so he got a second chance. He has the ability to fly, possess people, and at a time, was the only white lantern. However, he can't be seen, heard, or interact with objects without possessing someone else.

Why it would make a good TV show

The entire first season, or maybe even longer than that will be Boston searching for his killer. As the show goes on, he'll be able to team up with the young sorceress Zatanna, and he'll definitely work with Constantine, being as bringing him back into television is what a lot of people want, so that's killing two birds. And then Constantine and Deadman will hunt down those undead birds. Get it?

This could open up the Justice League Dark to the TV world, which would be extremely cool and valid, because season 4 of Arrow is going to be all about Mysticism, so we know that exists in the CW universe.

4. The Outsiders

They'd better have a good theme song
They'd better have a good theme song

So far, the Outsiders mentioned in CW shows so far are:

Katana: Tatsu donned her Katana mask and armor in one of the last episodes of season 3 of Arrow. She is an important part of the Outsiders, a founding member. Many people loved Rila Fukushima's portrayal of Tatsu on Arrow. While her origins and backstory isn't exactly the same as it is in the comic books, her character was still interesting and dynamic.

Geo-Force: Now he hasn't appeared in any shows like Katana has, but the earthquake machine that destroyed the Glades in season 1 of Arrow had a name: The Markov Device. Named after members of the royal family of Markovia, the device came from the country. Tara and Brion Markov are both Earth- manipulating superheroes, Terra and Geo- Force and Terra. Now, i'm not sure how they'd Give Prince Markov his powers, but you can't have an Outsiders show without him.

Metamorpho: The only reference of the Elemental Man is a Starling City- based company that Diggle talks about called "Metamorpho Chemicals" in the season 2 episode "Broken Dolls".

Why it would make a good show

While I would like to see Black Lightning and Metamorpho in a CW show, I feel that, while still being good, it the worst of the options presented on this list. That's why I made i the last.

I do think the show would be good, however. It would bring a team dynamic that can only be met with Legends of Tomorrow, it would give more and more unrealistic powers, which would in turn open up the CW Universe, which then makes openings for more characters and teams to enter.


What show would you like to see the most?


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