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It might be surprising to hear, but Thanos and Apocalypse have never crossed paths in the Marvel Universe, not even in alternate universes. I mean, it seems as if they should considering they are both the big bad in their own way. You have the original and one of the most powerful mutants and you have the mad titan himself and his lust for death; figuratively and realistically speaking. And yet, it seems as if these two powerful villains have never crossed paths let known been aware of each other; however, could they actually be related at all?

Well, let's find out:


These were ancient aliens that came to Earth to perform genetic experiments on humans to test the adaptability of the human gene. Consequently, they created two offshoots of humanity called Eternals and Deviants about one million years ago. The Celestials also (presumably) placed latent genetic material in other humans that would one day permit mutations and hence create the X-Men.


The Eternals are human looking juxtaposed to their counterparts, the Deviants. They also possess greater powers and longer lifespans than normal humans. After a long history of civil war, colonization of the Saturn moon Titan, explosion that led to the possession of invulnerability for the Eternals on Earth, Thanos was born on Titan.


The Deviants, another offshoot of humanity, possess nearly the same level of power as the Eternals, while differing in their looks. The Deviants are known for their monstrous and grotesque features and also for not resembling their family members (keep this in mind). Lastly, the Deviants are technologically superior so they have used that to experiment much like their forefathers have (keep this also in mind).



Thanos is an Eternal, but it has been revealed that he possesses a Deviant gene, hence his physical mutation and the lack of resemblance between him and his family members.


The frustrating thing is that we just do not know where Apocalypse is from or any of his possible family members. But that leaves the room open for theories and speculations. We know that Apocalypse is the first mutant (around 3000 BC) which means his parents or grandparents had possessed the mutant X gene, but he was the first one to express it. Also, Apocalypse is considered an External, a group of mutants who believe they are immortal (keep this in mind for later).

The Celestials did not stay on Earth long of course, so here is where the theory starts its conception. Apocalypse was born grotesque looking with gray skin, in most iterations, and blue color across his lips, hence I consider him a Deviant since many mutants do not express their X gene until puberty or early childhood. Now, we know the Celestials had placed that mutant X gene, so why does a Deviant like Apocalypse possess such gene?

  • The Celestials placed the X gene in Deviants as well as to humans.
  • The Deviants cross-reproduced with human carriers of the X gene.
  • The Deviants performed genetic experiments much like their forefathers to place the X gene inside their own people and other humans as well.

The Connections?

1. Even though the percentage is not considerable, due to Thanos possessing the Deviant gene and Apocalypse being a Deviant (due to his physical appearance) they ACTUALLY might be related to each other!

2. Another connection between the two is a little less grounded but still somewhat considerable. Apocalypse is considered an External (a subspecies of mutants) even though it is not flat-out mentioned. The Externals are rumored to be related to the Eternals since both possess a near or complete immortal and invulnerable ability. Thanos is an Eternal and Apocalypse is an External, thus there might be a chance they are related. Again, this is a stretched theory compared to the first one, but it is still worthy to speculate about.

[X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) is released May 27, 2016, whilst Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is out May 5, 2017.


What do you think? Do you believe Thanos and Apocalypse are related at all?


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