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In the upcoming marvel movie captain America:civil war will have a lots of characters, more like another avenger movie, we know that civil war will have the whole age of ultron cast besides the incredible hulk and Thor, we know that Thor went back up to asgard and the hulk is trapped in a jet most likely heading towards the location where the guardians of the galaxy is, a lot of fans been wondering would the red hulk be in captain America civil war, fans been saying they would love for that happen as red hulk in the comics is one of the avengers and play a major role in the film. It has been talks by William hurt that he also he wanted to play red hulk in the film, if you may not know William hurt same guy from the incredible hulk who play thunderbolt ross will be reprising his role in civil war. But it's now official red hulk is in the film and be played be none other than

William hurt

Fans has got their wish red hulk will be in captain America civil war, hurt is excited and fans are too, he could be part of the main avengers team or a secondary team, thunderbolt ross in the film will still be as the general of the US army getting into the business of the avengers while he gets caught up in the medical juice that turns Bruce banner into the big green rage monster and turn him into the red rage monster. After civil war red hulk will probably appear in other marvel movies mabey the Spiderman reboot and of course the avengers:infinity war so who's excited to see red hulk in civil war and do you think someone else should play red hulk leave on the comments and let me know.


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