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Hello. If you can visualize it in your head then good job.

We all know the game five nights at freddys right well I am sure you don't know the truth behind the game and so i will tell to you in a scary storie or mabye I won't. So for those who want to hear i will tell you right now.

Five children playing happily at a park while parents were some where but the a man who took them to the old building might of been (the security gaurd) while he took them there he took out a knife and tried killing the kids but you probably know that chica and bonnie hang around hallways right is because the threatening killer might of killed them there which made the thing very impressive but known as megan was chica, freddy well was freddy, and ect. While freddy there hidden behind stage he was found that's why he hangs out on stage and poor foxy he was found easily he slipped out of somthing and landded in front fo the killer by why he jumped well that was how he tried to escape but all of a sudden"smush" the knife went through him but people say that the children were stuffed into the animatronics and people don't exactly know what happed to the fith child but people say it was stufded inside golden freddy that is why he has a little girls laugh. And also the security might of stuffed him self inside another version for bonnie but golden so they won't know he was there.

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