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Anyone who watches this show knows that you will always be hit with something you weren't expecting to be hit with. I think that's why this show is popular. If it starts to get boring then BAM, someone dies or they learn something about "A" and it changes the liars perspective on things. And the viewers to!

I also wanted to write about this faceless creature because he is so mysterious. I wanted to tell you all that we know about "A". WARNING- spoilers ahead!

-"A" is a boy

-"A" also goes by Charles/Charlie D.

-"A" is Alison's and Jason's brother.

-"A" has been to radley.

-"A" is a group of different people.

-"A" Takes orders from redcoat.


There have been many people known to be "A" or suspected to be "A".

so far we know that the following people have worked with "A" Mona, Shana, Toby, Jenna, and Andrew.

Toby, Mona and maybe Jenna are no longer working with "A" but Shana died. We know nothing more about Andrew.

"A" will be revealed on the season finale in a couple of weeks. But does this mean Redcoat will be revealed to?

Who is "A" and what will happen to him? Is this the last season of Pretty Little Liars? I think the season finale will leave us with questions and answers. But you'll have to wait to watch it to know the answers to all your questions.


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