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With the heartwarming news that Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke," will be a DC animated film next year; I felt the need to share other movies I feel should be adapted. "Killing Joke" is the best Joker story, but there are other amazing Bat stories that need to be seen. All comics published by DC are in contention, this includes Elseworld, New 52, and post Convergence.

5. Batman: Arkham Asylum 'A Serious House On A Serious Earth.'

This is the scariest shit I've ever seen. The darkest adaptation of the Dark Knight needs to be an R rated gothic shroud of mystique. We've never had a bloody bad Batman movie, and this needs to be it. An R rated live action film will never happen, but it can happen in animation. Morrision is one of the best comic book writers, and his words would transcend so well to the screen. It inspired the Batman game "Batman: Arkham Asylum," which spawned the Arkham series. Should tell you all how great it is.

4. Batman: Hush

I'd rather have this be a live action film. But, it has the most beautiful imagery in all of comics, thanks to artist and now co-publisher of DC Comics; Jim Lee. It would work perfectly animated because all the characters could fit into the story and it would not feel bloated. This is a story that thrives on it's characters, their backstories; and the mystery behind the evil that is "HUSH."

3. Court Of The Owls

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are the greatest writer-artist duo in comics in this decade, and their story of a secret organization running Gotham since it's inception; was the best Batman story in over ten years. I feared Batman would be awful in the New 52, but it was nothing short of incredible. We also received greatness from "Death Of The Family" and "ENDGAME," but this was my favorite. Who doesn't want to see Batman's world turn upside down by the Talon's? The New "Batman vs Robin" film doesn't count because it was not a straight up adaptation of the material.

2. The Long Halloween

There's something about Batman's rogues gallery and how well each of them connects with the different Holiday's in the year. Catwoman on Valentine's Day and Poison Ivy on Saint Patrick's Day for example. Jeph Loeb's material needs to see the screen and Tim Sale's art is just too beautiful to not move off the page, unique is an understatement. From The Halloween, to The Holiday Killer, to Harvey and Gilda Dent, this mystery will leave you wondering who the mastermind is long after the story has ended.

1. Knightfall

Ever any doubt? Knightfall can't come soon enough. Some will debate that "The Dark Knight Rises" adapted The Knightfall story perfectly, and I'll be the first to call them out saying they did not read the source material. Yeah, in the movie his back was broken and Blackgate's prisoners were busted out. But the narrative was all messed up, and we never got to see Azrael, and his journey to become the next Batman. And the story of how Bruce Wayne's body was worn down by his rogues gallery, which was planned by genius strategist Bane; who is one of Batman's greatest villains. In my opinion, we've never seen a great adaptation of Bane in film or any game. This is something that has to change.


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