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In this article, I will simply be posting my personal opinion of the top 10 DC Films ever made.

Number 10: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1&2

While this/these film/films is/are animated, it still earns the number 10 seat. This is one of, if not the darkest DC animated films to date. It shows an older Batman coming out of retirement to take on the mutants, which in time leads to a political struggle between Batman, Ronald Raegan, and Superman (too bad Raegan wasn't physically fighting, he'd take batman lol) and creates the most epic fight to be seen between Batman and Superman ever (that is unless Batman v Superman's fight is better).

Number 9: Batman Returns

Batman Returns earns the number 10 seat for a variety of reasons. Batman returns is a freaky hellish nightmare for any ten year old that sees this for the first time due to the craziest mutant Penguin yet to be seen. Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman in many people's eyes is Catwoman, her portrayal is perfect, even with the weird cat-fetish-gone-awkwardly-mutantish, giving teenage boys the right to be confused as to whether or not they think Catwoman is sexy or scary...or both. This was the perfect, and in my eyes the only, sequel to Tim Burton's Batman.

Number 8: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

One more animated feature on my top 10? Yes, and rightfully so. This is the perfect mix of Darkness from DC, some light hearted humor, and even a well structured Aquaman origin all in one!

Number 7: Batman 1989

Tim Burton's famous Batman movie. This movie had a ton of obstacles to jump, the biggest being, "How do we get people to forget about Adam West's jokey, campy Batman?." They answered this obstacle by throwing, what was at the time, the darkest Superhero film to date. Another obstacle they had to face was exactly what Warner Brothers is facing currently, the casting of Batman; when Michael Keaton was cast as Batman everyone hated it, because he didn't "look the part", but he did the job, and still to this day is seen as one of, if not, the best Batman of all time.

Number 6: Batman Begins

Batman Begins began what we now call the Dark Knight Trilogy. This was the first time we saw Batman completely grounded in reality, showing his complete origin, and building of the suit, Batcave, and Batmobile. The tone of this film would soon carry over to be the tone of the DC universe.

Number 5: Superman II

Superman II was the follow-up to 1978's Superman: The Movie. This was the first time we saw any real physical threat to Superman, and the biggest Superhero fight until the first X-Men movie. This movie is arguably the best of the Superman Movies, but I still have a couple that top it.

Number 4: Superman: The Movie

Superman the movie had many, many challenges to face. These challenges may seem easy to overcome in today's world of superhero movies, but at the time, the three biggest challenges were: Getting a big budget, Getting audiences to take Superman seriously and not just a kids' book, and finally Believing a Man can Fly.

Number 3: The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final installment to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. This movie featured many scary and compelling scenes, while many people have problems with this movie, like tiny Bane and magic knee brace, it continues to be one of my favorite DC movies.

Number 2: Man of Steel

Zack Snyder's Man of Steel was such a good film. This movie had huge thought provoking ideas, and a crazy comic book-like sci-fi plot, and even was able to find a way to make Superman relatable. Critics like to slam this movie due to the destruction of Metropolis, and Superman killing Zod. I knew when I saw this that both the destruction of the city, and the murder of Zod would play well further down the line, and now as you see in the Batman v Superman trailer, it does.

Number 1: The Dark Knight

That's right, you guessed it the Dark Knight, the sequel to 2005's Batman Begins, and the second installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy. This movie is the darkest, most scary, and most thrilling Superhero movie to date. This movie had only one problem, Casting Heath Ledger as the Joker. Fans lashed out against Warner Brothers about this casting, and still remains to be the biggest hate for an actor taking on the role (yes, even more then Ben Affleck as Batman). But Nolan, WB, and Ledger proved them wrong by creating the most menacing, and I believe the best Joker ever.

Comment below and let me know your top 10 DC movies, or 5, or 3, or 1 or whatever, Just do it, I'd really like to hear.


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