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"Halloween Returns"

Halloween fans, the wait is over!

We finally will get to see our favorite slasher back on the big screen and this time, Rob Zombie FREE! That's right. The next Halloween film will NOT be directed by Rob Zombie. As a matter of fact, the film will be completely different from the 2007 and 2009 film.

Recently, we have been informed that a new Halloween movie featuring Michael Myers will be releasing sometime in 2016. The film will be called "Halloween Returns" and is said to be not a "remake", not a "reboot", but a "recalibration" of the character Michael Myers to the 1981 Halloween 2. As all Michael Myers fans hould feel, "Halloween 3: The Season of the Witch" was a complete disappointment. It had nothing to do with the Halloween season. The 1981 "Halloween 2" was about a traumatized Laurie rushed to the hospital, and the serial killer, Michael Myers was not far behind her. Myers would be on the hunt for Laurie and would take out anyone who got in his way, as usual. At the end of the movie, Laurie shoots Myers in both of his eyes, blinding him. While Myers is swinging his arms around, Dr. Loomis lights a lighter and explodes the whole storage room he was in. Laurie barely manages to escape while Loomis and Myers are in the room when it explodes. Apparently, Michael Myers had died but we all knew he wasn't. When the movie released in 1981, people were ready for the sequel to the "Halloween 2" in Halloween 3 but never got it.

Now, almost 35 years later, we finally get a recalibration we have been waiting for. Marcus Dunstan is now teaming up with the guy who started it all, John Carpenter in writing and directing the new "Halloween Returns". The plot is said to focus on the child of one of Michael's victims and a cop who put Myers before his own daughter. The movie will be about Michael Myers on death row and two kids with their own personal vendettas against the killer sneak in to watch his execution. But when things go awry and Myers escapes, the pair, along with their friends, find themselves in the firing line.

It's is also stated that the Michael Myers in the new "Halloween Returns" will be just like the original Myers. No cracks and dirt marks on the mask. A complete white mask. A long blue jumpsuit. And is also told that Myers will not be over 6' foot tall. He will be around 5'9, 5'10 just like in the original in the 1980's.

The big question is how will they play the characters right? Will they go back to the older characters with Laurie and Loomis? Or will they get new, younger characters to play in the movie? Now I know what you are thinking. Laurie Strode is dead in the movie series and Dr. Loomis, Donald Pleasence, has actually died in real life in 1995. How would any of those characters work? Well there is a way. If Marcus Dunstan wants to have those people in the movie he can. Laurie Strode, if you think about it, isn't dead in the movie yet. She died in the 2002 "Halloween: Resurrection". This new "Halloween Returns" is set to be in the 1980's, which means Laurie Strode is still alive. So if Jamie Lee Curtis wants to do one more Halloween movie, this is her chance. Now to Dr. Loomis. I know he is actually dead, RIP, but there is a way he can be featured in the movie. Technology today is very advanced. CGI is beyond what is has ever been. If Dunstan wants the original Dr. Loomis in the movie, he can CGI him. That might sound crazy but come to think about it, CGI has been very effective lately. Just take the movie "Furious 7". During the mid/end of making the movie, Paul Walker had died in that fatal car crash. The director wasn't giving up hope in the movie so what they did was CGI(ed) Paul Walker. Below you can see the difference.

Clearly an amazing comparison. So there is high hopes that is Carpenter and Dunstan want Dr. Loomis in the movie, they can do CGI and make it look just like the top right picture of Paul Walker.


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