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Its official the red hulk will make their debut in the third captain america film [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), will make a little changes to the film. Fans been wondering if red hulk might be in the, we know that civil war will have the whole age of ultron cast besides Thor and hulk while Thor heading back up to Asgard for some unfinished business to deal with and his visions he had back in age of ultron.

Hulk is meanwhile trap in a queen jet flying away from the earth heading towards another galaxy which lives in is the guardians. Fans has been wondering that could the red hulk could be in the film, well in the comics red hulk is one of the avengers and most likely play a major role in the film, in talks with William Hurt about the chance of playing red hulk if you may not know that hurt will be reprising his role as Thunderbolt Ross the general of the U.S army.

He said he will be glad to play red hulk and marvel president Kevin Fiegi has said announce that red hulk was officially in captain America civil war and be in Avengers: infinity war and probably the spider-man reboot. Captain america civil war takes place where avengers age of ultron left off when Captain America leads a new team of avengers to safe guard humanity while cortical iccnedent causing avengers for damage while they protect the earth from a new villian.

Ant man- now playing

Captain america civil war- may 6 2016

doctor strange- July 2016

guardians of the galaxy 2- 2017

Spider man reboot July 28 2017

Thor Ragnarok- November 2017

Avengers infinity war part 1

Avengers infinity war part 2

What do you think of William hurt playing red hulk do you think hes right for the role or do you someone else should play him leave a comment and let me know even for some time now red hulk is finally in it, he could be playing as the main avengers team or a secondary team will see when the movie comes out on may 6 2016.

All the superheros gonna be in captain america civil war for now is captain america of course iron man, black widow, hawk eye, red hulk, scarlet witch, war machine, falcon, vision, black panther, ant and spider man. follow me on Facebook.


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