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Ever since the announcement came from Dimension Films that the next installment in the "Halloween" series will be a recalibrated sequel to the first two films many fans have been wondering as to what to expect from the new film come 2016. Here is a list of the top 5 things to expect for the next entry in the "Halloween" series;

Hunter Von Leer as Deputy Hunt in "Halloween II"
Hunter Von Leer as Deputy Hunt in "Halloween II"

5.) A returning character from the original sequel

In recent news it was announced that the new sequel titled "Halloween Returns" will focus on Deputy Gary Hunt from the original "Halloween II" but this time as a sheriff in Haddonfield. This came as a surprise to many who were expecting Sheriff Brackett to return leading a manhunt on Michael for the death of his daughter in the original film which was an apparent concept for the cancelled "Halloween 9". It's also a surprise to fans considering the fact that Hunt is not that much of a fan favorite in the series & was one of the last characters many would have expect to return. Although it is good to see a character from the original sequel make a return, It is a long shot if Dimension Films actually does get Hunter Von Leer to reprise the role he made famous in the 1981 sequel. High chances are they will most likely find a much older actor that bears a resemblance to Leer for the role.

4.) Michael Myers will be on death row

One of the biggest plot details regarding "Halloween Returns" is that Michael Myers will be on death row. According to the synopsis, Michael has been apprehended following the events of the original first two films. Don't expect the entire film to solely be set in the prison as the synopsis also added that while two teens are watching Michael being prepared for execution he somehow manages to break out & wreak havoc. High chances are Michael will wreak havoc in the prison before making his way back to Haddonfield to continue his bloody rampage. Just imagine a scene where right when Michael is brought into the prison all of the inmates consisting of various dangerous criminals freeze in fear & shock as they look at who it is they are locked in the prison with knowing that the guards can't even help them.

3.) The film will revisit the first two films

Similar to what "Texas Chainsaw 3D" did in their opening sequence as they revisited the 1974 film it's more than likely that "Halloween Returns" will do the same only revisiting the first two films. Considering the fact that the sequel is disregarding any of the sequels that followed the first two films, their going to have to explain how Michael survived the blazing inferno at the end of the 1981 sequel. In terms of the whole "revisiting" concept it's a safe bet that flashbacks from the original "Halloween" will be shown whereas the actual revisiting will be in "Halloween II". It would be cool to see "Halloween Returns" pick up exactly where "Halloween II" left off & go on a fresh start from there as it has not been done since 1989's "Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers" where it picked up right where 1988's "Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers" left off. It would make sense since Dimension Films now plans on giving the film some new ground expect them to utilize the revisiting concept for the 2016 recalibration.

2.) Return of the original Michael Myers

Any die hard "Halloween" fan including myself will tell you that the original Michael Myers is much more of a favorite than the remake version of the character. Seeing Dimension Films bring back the retro Michael Myers from the first two films is a sigh of relief for fans who were concerned if they were going to bring in the 7-foot brute from the previous two remakes or an entirely new version. As much as fans would love to see favorites Dick Warlock or George P.Wilbur reprise their respective role as "The Shape" expect the studios to bring in an average height actor that bears a physical resemblance to the original Michael Myers. It would be a love letter to fans of the original series if Dimensions were to bring back the classic "over the shoulder" POV camera shot as well as the more famous "heavy breathing" and perhaps have Michael kill his victims in a similar fashion to kills of the original series but in a much more reinventing concept.

1.) A fresh new start for the franchise

One of the biggest reasons why the timeline in the original Halloween series has been somewhat dysfunctional is due to the fact that not every film was made by the same production company. Now that Dimension Films is going to carry the "Halloween" franchise for a very long time expect them to start a fresh new series that begins with "Halloween Returns". It should be noted that considering the fact that Dimension is completely disregarding the sequels that followed "Halloween II" this now gives the studio the ultimate advantage of having multiple ideas for Michael's origin & mythology either in this film or future installments that will follow. It should also be noted that since this film is a direct sequel to the first two films fans can finally look at this film in their hearts as the true "Halloween III" to the first two films.Fans of the original films will now have a big sigh of relief as it looks like we will now be acquainted with Michael Myers now back to his original roots for a long time & I could not be more excited come 2016 when "Halloween Returns" hits the big screen once again.

Well that's my top 5 list of what to expect in "Halloween Returns". Do you guys agree with the list? Was there anything you felt should be on the list? Let me know in the comments section below.


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