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“We’re interested in seeing villains we haven’t seen before.”

This is Kevin Feige’s statement in regards to who could be the antagonist, opposite Peter Parker, in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, slated for 2017. By villains we haven’t seen before, Feige of course means villains we haven’t seen in Spider-Man films before – such as: Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Sandman, Green Goblin, Venom, Lizard, Electro, Green Goblin yet again, and Rhino (if you count the last five minutes of The Amazing Spider-Man 2). With these heavy hitters out of the game for now, I’ve compiled a list of the top five villains that could star in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot:

5. Carnage

Carnage is a great Spider-Man villain who could have ranked higher on the list if it were not for one factor: Carnage’s powers and origin are closely related to Venom’s. In the original “Amazing Spider-Man” comics, Carnage is an offspring of Venom, meaning Venom would have to of course come first. That being said, Spider-Man is already established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and thusly could have faced Venom previous in time to when this movie takes place, or they could change the origins of Carnage to better fit their universe. Now, I don’t like the idea of Spider-Man and Venom having already faced off because that means we won’t have gotten to see the first showdown between the two – which would really be disappointing considering Venom is one of the best villains that Marvel has to offer. Still, Carnage would be a great cinematic villain due to the fact that he is, according to the lore, even stronger than Venom, has the ability to shape shift, and can even plant ideas in people’s minds – but ultimately, I think fans want to see Venom (done right) more so than Carnage, and as a result, ranks fifth on my list.

4. Vulture

Vulture is one of the original Spider-Man villains, and like Carnage, a part of many iterations of the legendary Sinister Six. Now, I know that making a Sinister Six movie is an idea that Sony scrapped before its partnership with Marvel Studios, but I am still hoping that idea takes off – especially after seeing all the buzz surrounding Suicide Squad. Being an inventor, Adrian Toomes created a flight harness that also granted him superhuman strength, but was discouraged when he found out his boss had been embezzling money from the firm at which he works, leading to the loss of his job, and soon after became the nefarious villain better known as Vulture. I may be mistaken, but Vulture has never been an overall fan-favorite villain to my knowledge, and that really holds him back from taking a higher spot on this list. It is possible that, if utilized correctly, this movie could really revamp Vulture’s image and make him the sort of villain that fans care about, but one knock on Marvel Studios so far is their forgettable villains. I think the best way to make a really good impression with yet another reboot of Spider-Man is to really knock it out of the park with this first movie – which I believe means showcasing a villain that will not only get fans excited about this new series but will also sell tickets at the box office. Ticket sales have never been a problem for Marvel before, but may be more of a concern now – considering the underwhelming opening weekend performance of standalone Marvel film, Ant-Man.

3. Mysterio

Now, this is where the list really gets good. Personally, I would be excited to see any of the top three villains in the upcoming Spider-Man film, and I hope that if not, they may possibly make an appearance at some point in the future of the series. From this point on, there are no wrong answers. It isn’t difficult to see any of these villains in the next Spider-Man film, and I believe a selection of any of the top three on this list to be a matter of preference. Mysterio has always been a fan favorite, but has yet to make an appearance in any film entry thus far. He may be a difficult villain to pull off on screen, but as a master of illusion and even hypnosis, there is a lot of opportunity for stunning visuals and unpredictable plot twists. As a former stuntman and visual effects expert, Mysterio is known for being one of Spider-Man’s more theatrical villains. Opposite of a young Peter Parker, this dynamic could prove to fit very nicely with the fun, family friendly cinematic universe that Marvel has crafted – not to mention provide a memorable experience for Spider-Man fans and movie goers.

2. Kraven the Hunter

As the name might suggest, Kraven is the world’s foremost authority on big-game hunting and one of the greatest physical threats that Spider-Man ever encounters. Kraven the Hunter has the strength to take down fierce, wild animals with his bare hands, and the knowledge to track the most cunning of prey. Ever since Feige’s statement was released, people around the web appear to be clamoring for this matchup – and for good reason. Kraven the Hunter is a villain that would provide a challenge to a young Spider-Man, and it isn’t difficult to imagine a film adaptation for this character that could be grounded in reality as well as fit the setting of a high school aged Peter Parker. I only hope that they find a Russian actor to play the part of Sergei, Kraven the Hunter, because the last thing the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs is another bad Russian accent. Although Kraven tops many fan’s most wanted villain lists, he is only number two on this one. As I said before, all of the top three on this list would be a good selection for the first Spider-Man film in this new reboot, but obviously, I believe one to be the best.

1. Chameleon

Chameleon is not only one of Spider-Man’s most formidable foes, but he is the original comic-book villain in “The Amazing Spider-Man” series. With the power to transform into anyone he pleases, Chameleon provides a unique challenge, and that is the appealing aspect of this match-up. Chameleon could test both the brawn and intellect of Spider-Man. Even though we have had intelligent villains in previous Spider-Man films, we have not really seen our hero contested outside of physical battle. It is not only appearance that Chameleon can imitate, but seeing as he is a brilliant method actor, and a master of impressions, he can really take on the role of anyone he chooses - potentially making life very problematic for Spider-Man. It could be refreshingly unique to witness this confrontation on the big screen. The X-Men movies have already proved that a Chameleon-like character, Mystique, could work on screen, and with the poor performance of the previous Spider-Man reboot so fresh in the memories of fans, going back to square one could be just what Peter Parker needs for a fresh start.

Sound off in the comments below, and let me know who you think should be the villain in the upcoming “Spider-Man” film. Do you agree with me, or should another villain have made the list?


Who do you think should be the villain in the upcoming "Spider-Man" reboot?


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