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It's come to my attention a movie is in the works by the mysterious director they call Zack Snyder about Ben Affleck vs. Henry Cavill with a very toned Gal Gadot and a bald Jesse Eisenberg.

See, this would have been my reaction if I had been 1.) Been living on a rock (or Mars like some of our own peeps in the future) and had no access to any social media outlet anywhere and/or 2.) A filthy human being who wastes time playing Dark Souls and believes in dragons and wizards (I kid, I kid) but not the potential of being bitten by a radioactive spider someday (please let it be real) so he can kick the crap out of evil villains. So what makes this movie so much different than all other superhero movies? Yeah maybe The Amazing Spider-man franchise came out a bit too soon for some of our liking (and can also be excused from the disaster of Spider-man 3 --I still love you to death, Tobey), or maybe The Avengers (specifically Age of Ultron) is your slightly above average summer blockbuster with Scarlett in a tight costume spinning around gracefully and Chris Evans just pummeling through everyone with that damn shield. Oh, and Robert Downey Jr. being his typical smart-ass self. Yeah, I love that. But in the Avengers case; specifically, the theme that trends through almost every one of these characters is that most of us know their stories through comics and early depictions, but they were given a chance to let their character shine in their own films and really develop their character through their eyes, and we saw it with our own eyes and let it sink in for a little bit. Like 2 years. Because I hate having to wait; took us like ten damn years to finish the Harry Potter movies. Shit.

I don't think the issue has ever been who was going to win in a fight between Batman and Superman. I would personally love to see more of these posts and the idea behind the comics or even personal interpretations that people have the amazing ability to create in their minds. And I don't even believe it is Affleck vs. Cavill because in all honesty, it's been about the fans holding up pitchforks. Why? Daredevil. ONE bad film and it changed everything for Affleck. An actor who has even claimed that he did not care for the screenplay of this film. But what I will say is that we give them all a hand. Maybe Cavill doesn't have many action films to his name besides Man of Steel, but he played an amazing part in The Immortals and showed that he could play a dude in action..except now he just shoots freakin' laser beams from his freakin' eyes. Gadot definitely has the 'Fast&Furious' franchise to thank for some of her success, but this chick busted her toned butt to get in incredible shape for the role of Wonder Woman and yet people hate on her because she's not Amazonian enough? Get the **** out of here; you just keep doing your thing, girl. And Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Well yeah, he's not a damn ripped model who just got thrown into a role. Throughout almost all of his films, Eisenberg has displayed this persona that he is better than you and he knows it. And that's not a bad thing in this case, because it landed him a role that I believe he rightfully deserves. The Social Network was brilliant in every way and opening up many paths to build actors' careers (including our very own Andrew Garfield).

See how I left Ben Affleck out? Even though he has so many movies (Gone Girl, Argo, Good Will Hunting, The Town, blah blah blah you've heard everything else) that have hit Hollywood success, he is subject by the audience that will only see the dude that made a lot of his success from his parts in a lot of films by Kevin Smith. Hell, I even remember him playing that a-hole O'Bannion in Dazed and Confused and I still loved him in that. Why? Because he's versatile. As all the rest of them are. I'm not gonna get on the typical rant of Heath Ledger (rest his beautiful soul) because you have heard it a million of times. I'm not saying you are jealous (yes, I am), but this is their day job. It won't always be the character that you imagined, and maybe not always the actor you want, but it's how they can connect to an audience. If they can make you believe that they can be something, then they are doing their jobs. The reason you aren't in Hollywood is because you've hopefully got an awesome career and something you are good at, or at least a broke college kid and nonetheless still doing your thing and getting your degree. They are professionals. It may not be the first time the fans didn't like the casting choices, or the story, or gumdrops and rainbows, and everything nice, but a movie is being made about the characters we love. I left the names of the characters they portrayed out of the first paragraph because that wasn't important--the importance was that the actors were the ones being attacked, not the heroes (well yes technically they ARE being attacked, but...well shut up). So sit down in that seat March 25, 2016 with your little popcorn, and your little drink, and your little pack of Mike & Ike's ("Oh you like Mike and Ike's?") and go enjoy a movie that brings the characters you love to life. I know i'll be getting a front row seat (actually like middle row if i'm lucky because that shit hurts my eyes).


So what do you think about my first post? Yeah it probably could have been better written and not by some angry 22 year old, but yeah big whoop wanna fight about it?


PS: Kudos to anyone who knows the reference to Mike & Ike's in the last paragraph.


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