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First movie (Paul Blart)...seeing a good/bad movie. When you over think your mind goes overboard. Ok I got super excited when I saw that he was marrying the same woman that he had in the first, but I am not going to lie when she left him after two wells whoa hilarious. Kevin James…well lets just say whenever they need someone that can gain the weight and be a weird porn addict only sleeps with prostitutes actors…he’s your guy. His daughter Maya Blart (Raini Rodriguez) who also works for Austin and ally on Disney. Other character…..she obviously took care of her dad, and to the point of insanity and weird…she was willing to give up an opportunity ok daughters and sons do that but you normally don’t see the dad or mom do that which made it kind of real. She was a mediocre actress and must be low budgeted because they had David Henry. He was just a non-take off DISNEY character but Adam Sandler keeps giving him chances.

Ok take off

Why did that gorgeous women care that fat weird mustache porn addicted guy faze her. The bird part was oh my god hilarious and the piano player it was awesomeness. The novice of a movie that I would never ever pay for in theatre, I would say the movie's humor is very kid like but had well enough for adults to enjoy. I would suggest some alcohol and OR weed. The concept of the movie was all over the place. The fact he survived many things aside from diabetes was amazing to me. Paul Blart 2 is a movie that you do not have to see will never be brought up in A conversation but if you catch it...enjoy and tell no one

So kick up and get some blart on.


Was Paul Blart a good movie? or should Kevin James stop?


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