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Hi I know that my opinions has came a little late but, I have given thoughts about what I think should happen in Star Wars Episode 7 and beyond. Before I go any further, i would like to state this.

There doesn't need to be anymore star wars.

Yes I am I star wars fan (of both trilogies). I Have been all my life and I believe that star wars should have ended after Episode 6. I think that Lucas made it very clear on what star wars is and while some of the executions(some in both sides) weren't quite right I like what became of it. It was perfect in its own way, but I am willing to go see Star Wars Episode 7 and waste all my money going to see it in theaters maybe dressing up along the way. Now without a further a due lets get to listing.

1. The Prophecy

The one who will bring balance to the force
The one who will bring balance to the force

Growing up I always wonder what the prophecy of the chosen one was but I never got it in any form. I want it at least It acknowledge and stated in the series ahead. Something dramatic like

In the wake of the darkest age will born a child. The child shall be born from a mother of no lover for his father is the force and will never abounded him. In time the child shall know the force like no other and bring forth a universe of eternal balance.

Something like that. That shows the point about what gorge Lucas made about the prophecy. That the Jedi had for over a Mailennia misinturpteared. Also I want to see how this will affect beyond because the prophecy has been completed and to say otherwise is a path of the dark side. Neglect.

2. The Sith

The ancient enemy of the Jedi
The ancient enemy of the Jedi

If the rumors are true, that Lucasfilm is indeed bringing back the Sith (and completely undermine my favorite scene in all of cinema) they better do it well enough or not do it at all. If they do they have to explain the Sith well because with a good chunk (including my self) not having read the now un-canon EU we don't know a bunch about the Sith. We need an official answer like

  • Why did the Jedi think that they were "extinct"
  • Where did they come from
  • Why was there only two of them
  • How did they survive for over a thousand years
  • And how did Darth Bane (he's canon, in clone wars) survive the Sith "extinction"

3. A new Jedi order

The old and the new
The old and the new

In the history of the star wars, both Sith and Jedi had a false sense of balance. The Jedi thought that the dark side was a tumor and abusive way of the force, while the dark side saw the force as an birthright that they had the right to use as they pleased. Luke should take a page of his father book in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) and know both light and dark. So he must build a new order where love can righteous can roam, but does not deny emotions. Because a scale can't work with one stone.

4. A Legacy

All good things must come to an end, and leave good
All good things must come to an end, and leave good

Each part of the star wars shown a part of Anakin's life. The PT shown us the beginning of his life and the Original shown us his death. I want the sequel trilogy to be a story about what he left behind, the good and the bad. I want to see how both sides see our fallen Jedi, both Empire and the Republic. Then I want to see, how he the chosen one will fit into all of the sequels of Star Wars being that the force is still out of balance. Will Anakin rise from the grave and bring the force into balance once more?

Star wars is ultimately about the fall and rise of Skywalker and this shall be his legacy.


What do you think?


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