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I loved Ant-Man. It was a completely different Marvel movie in tone, but a Marvel movie at heart. The comedy, the character interactions and the action were what made it incredible. As soon as I found out about the cast, I was stoked. Paul Rudd is a hilarious actor. Michael Douglas is a legend. Evangeline Lilly is great actress. Corey Stoll is a great actor in House of Cards and The Strain. The supporting cast were also great, with Michael Pena stealing some scenes.

As much as I loved the movie and the actors, there was one thing that bugged me. I really admire Corey Stoll acting career and his presence in the film was pretty big, but his villain didn't give us a lot. However, I like to think I saw more of what the actor wanted to portray, but it still left something to be desired. This continues to be a problem with Marvel and some of their villains, partly due to the fact that they don't really go dark. Kevin Feige has even said it that Marvel movies will never be dark. But those are the movies, with a TV series you have free range to go dark. Just look at Daredevil.

So, like the title says, there should be an Ant-Man TV series, but not of Scott Lang. Instead, let's do a series about Hank Pym and his girlfriend/wife Janet van Dyne, doing missions during the Cold War.

I truly believe at heart, if we fans are loud enough, we can get an Ant-Man TV series. Look what happened with [Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765). We fans wanted a show about Peggy Carter and we eventually got one and we love it. The show is in tremendous hands and the same could happen with Hank Pym/Ant-Man.

Janet van Dyne likes her fashion
Janet van Dyne likes her fashion

Before I continue, I would like to talk about how they should portray Janet van Dyne. Exactly like the comics. Fashion is a huge part of Janet's character. She's never been a mean, hard-ass. She's a fun, loving woman, who's into fashion, and just wants to do the right thing. Janet is a great character because she proves that women don't have to be a hard-ass to kick-ass.

The time era is the early 70's and Hank Pym has already been the Ant-Man for some time now. Doing missions and research for SHIELD. They hire a young, new scientist named Janet Van Dyne to help work under Hank in his research. At first, Hank is incredibly annoyed by her. She's loud, obnoxious, and talks too much, but eventually Hank begins to appreciate her knowledge in science and her kind heart. Eventually the two begin to date and form a loving, but often times uneasy relationship.

The dark tone for the series will be in Hank's inner battle. The Pym Particles affect the way he acts and the way he thinks, making him a bit of a mad scientist. We need to see him have a mental breakdown and show how many issues this man has. Only Janet can bring him back and it's a struggle. Also, they can definitely make the villains darker and more rash. Giving them more time to develop and give us an antagonist we can become invested in like Wilson Fisk.

In this time, we have a young Hank Pym who is working for SHIELD during the Cold War and the main focus would be on the relationship with Hank and Janet. Like I said earlier, Hank isn't a nice guy; he's prone to have mental breakdowns and it's only his girlfriend/wife that can control him. The focus should be on the two of them and their missions working for SHIELD during the Cold War. Of course, Trevor Slattery's Tony Stark will be a big part of the series.

Now you might be wondering what other characters, specifically villains, can we introduce in this series. As our main antagonist for the series you will have a very obscure, but potential villain Dr. Elihas Starr who could be nicknamed "Egghead" by SHIELD. Portrayed by Dennis Quad.

We won't get a comedic villain but rather a mad scientist, with intelligence that rivals Hank and a mind that is already broken. This character can be the Soviets top scientist during the Cold War and it's up to Hank and Janet to bring him down.

Being the mad scientist that he is, he steals Tony Stark's earlier projects and twist them into his own gain, such as creating an android to do his will. This android is none other than John Hammond, the original Human Torch. Much like Vision in the comics, John Hammond can be used as a villain for the first half, only to see the error of his ways and turn against Egghead. Great character development right their.

We also get David Cannon, better known to most fans as Whirlwind. He would another one of Egghead's minions, who's obsessesed with Janet. Egghead creates him a suit that creates whirlwinds, so that he can destroy Hank and have Janet.

Another cool and interesting villain we could see is Chen Lu a.k.a. Radioactive Man. Before he becomes radioactive, he's a normal Chinese scientist who was in a radioactive accident thanks to Ant-Man and wants revenge. I'd be pissed off too if someone made me radioactive.

Those are only a few villains they can add in the series, if and when they make one. So now I bet you guys are wondering who I would want to play Hank and Janet. Some of you might say, who could play such a huge role that isn't Michael Douglas. Well I think I have found a solution.

As Hank Pym I'd cast Patrick Wilson for the role.

Patrick Wilson would've been an ideal choice to play a young Hank Pym in any movie. He looks the part and as an actor has great depth to show us a morally ambiguous character. Hank Pym isn't a nice guy, but he is a good guy none the less.

As Janet van Dyme, I choose Rashida Jones.

She was reported as one of the characters to have auditioned for the role of Hope and as awesome as it would be, I would much rather see her as Janet. Hank and Janet are a duo and we need these two actors who have a great screen presence.

With a show like this, we can truly get to know Hank Pym like we do in the comics. A broken man, who's trying to rebuild himself. Hank Pym is definitely a man with a dark past and I know that is worth exploring, especially in a TV series.

Guys, seriously, who wouldn't want to see a series like this? Ant-Man became a hit to fans and some of the best part of the movie were Hank Pym. A great character who needs to be explored more.

So like I said, spread the word! Tell everyone we should have an Ant-Man TV series. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my other articles. Also, follow me on twitter @MannyCastell


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