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Have you ever wondered what the DC movie universe would look like if you cast it? Now is your Chance!!! In this First Article, we will cast the trinity: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (None of which are cast as these characters currently or in the past). Age doesn't matter like it did in my personal fan cast.


1.Zane Holtz

2. David Giuntoli

3. Matt Bomer

4. Daniel DiTomasso

5. Garrett Hedlund


Who is Superman


1. Patrick Dempsey

2. Ian Somerhalder

3. Karl Urban

4. Joe Manganiello

5. Wes Bentley


Who is the Batman?

Wonder Woman

1. Jennifer Lawrence

2. Jaime Alexander

3. Anne Hathaway

4. Bridget Regan

5. Lucy Griffiths


Who is Wonder Woman

Now you decide!!!


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