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Story: Kenny McCormick is walking around at South Park Forest, where the Volcano Incident occurred, and sees a human eating a dead 5-year-old boy. Kenny screams and runs away, shouting at everyone to stay inside and lock the doors. Kyle, Stan, and Cartman come out to see what's going on, but Kenny is tired of his friends bitting into his business, so he acts like he doesn't see them. Kenny walks away, only to feel something twitching on his face. He feels his cheek to see a green/red goo coming out of it. He collapses on the ground in utter panic. He starts to transform into a cannibal, his teeth becoming razor sharp, his fingernails becoming claws, deadly sharp ones, and his eyes Turing bloody red. His appetite was now for human meat, and he was thinking on eating fatass pussy first ( AKA, Eric Cartman).


Jacob Hopkins as Kenny McCormick and Kyle Broflovski

Logan Grove as Stan Marsh

Mikey Bolts as Eric Cartman

Ella Skym as Wendy Testaburger and Bebe Stevens

Kesha as Cannibal #1, Cannibal #3, and Cannibal #6

Tara Strong as Cannibal #2, Cannibal #4 and Cannibal #5

Director: Ella Skym

Movie Creator: Ella Skym


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