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Again... wow. There's not a whole lot you can say after a trailer like that. Unless you channel your inner Admiral Ackbar and say "Our fighters can't repel awesomeness of that magnitude!" I mean that trailer was beautiful, heartbreaking, inspiring, frightening, and intriguing all at the same time. Okay, enough introduction, let's talk shop!

Did these people see Man of Steel?
Did these people see Man of Steel?

We open with Senator Finch expressing what we all felt at the end of Man of Steel. Superman caused close to two trillion dollars' worth of damage and killed as many as two million people, but now he gets a slap on the wrist and flies off into the sunset?! I don't think so! And apparently, neither does the American public. The protesters outside the Capitol Building are holding signs with messages like "Superman = Illegal Alien" "This is OUR world, not YOURS" and "Earth belongs to humans". Entering the Senate Chamber, the dirty looks he receives from the crowd further express the anti-Superman mood that is taking hold of the nation.

Bruce Wayne has a reason to be angry!
Bruce Wayne has a reason to be angry!

At this point, the scene suddenly switches to show Bruce Wayne during the climactic battle from MoS, who is forced to watch helplessly as a Wayne Enterprises building is one of many casualties in Superman's confrontation with Zod. Bruce runs toward the scene of the devastation and is enveloped in a cloud of smoke. He is then shown comforting a small girl, likely the young daughter of someone who worked in the building. Next, we hear Senator Finch saying what we all longed to hear a politician say in MoS: "Let the record show that this committee holds him responsible."

We see Bruce return to his overgrown and rundown Wayne Manor, where he goes straight to his now-disused Batcave. He pulls out a newspaper, folded as though he had pored over it many times before and reads it once again. The article is about the destruction of his building with the headline "Wayne Tower Devastated". Perhaps what is more eerie in this scene are the words scrawled in red over the article, which read "You let your family DIE". Who could this sinister and cryptic message be from? The Red Hood? The Joker? The list could go on and on. Alfred repeats his now-immortal line, "That's how it starts. The fever. The rage. That turns good men... cruel." As he is making this profound declaration, we see a shirtless Bruce Wayne trying to bulk back up after years of retirement by pulling on a rope attached to a tractor trailer tire. Next, we are shown a Batarang embedded in a wall. Could this be a flashback? Or is it happening in real time? Either way, wind of Batman's reappearance has reached the Daily Planet headquarters, as evidenced by the fact that we hear Laurence Fishburne's Perry White say, "This Bat-vigilante is like a one-man reign of terror." The next shot gives us a perspective on just what Perry means as we are shown a shirtless and battered unknown figure chained to a wall. The camera zooms in and we realize that there is a bat branded on the man's chest.

Batman leaving his mark
Batman leaving his mark

Next, we are shown a flashback of a young Bruce Wayne in the dry well where he acquired his fear of bats. We hear Perry tell Clark Kent, "You don't get to decide what the right thing is. Nobody cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman." You're right Perry... nobody cares.

...Except, ya know, those people.
...Except, ya know, those people.

Lois meanwhile reminds Superman that he must continue to be a symbol of hope to a hurting world. Martha Kent also gives her own tidbit of advice, although her opinion somewhat differs from that held by Lois. Her advice is to be everything or be nothing. She tells him that he doesn't owe his allegiance to a world he isn't from.

Next we get a shot of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor manipulating the US Senator by telling her "Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator? Devils don't come from hell beneath us. They come from the sky." This is immediately followed by a rather confusing shot. Superman is kneeling before Lex Luthor. I'm sincerely hoping that there's kryptonite involved in this scene and Supes hasn't totally flipped his cape. We are shown a body bag, unzipped to reveal the corpse of General Zod. What are Lex's plans for the dead Kryptonian? Rumors are circulating that Lex intends to use Zod's DNA to create Doomsday. I say, in the words of Joe Biden, "With all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey!" If Lex has Zod's body, it could mean he also has Zod's armor. My theory is that Lex plans to reverse engineer Zod's armor to create his famous green and purple power suit, which takes its fuel from kryptonite, something Lex seems to not only have in his possession, but have inordinate amounts of as well.

We flash back to the Batcave and see Bruce Wayne's memorial to Jason Todd, his former Robin, who was brutally murdered by the Joker, who left a parting jab at the Dark Knight in the form of a haunting message on Robin's suit which says "HAHAHA Joke's On You BATMAN". Bruce turns to Alfred and says, "20 years in Gotham. How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?"

This is immediately followed by our first shot of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman's secret identity. What is she doing? She appears to be at some sort of formal party. Is she scoping things out for Lex? Is she working for Wayne Enterprises? Is she on her own? What has brought her here and what is she hoping to accomplish?

We get another look at the new armored Batsuit as Batman lights the long-dormant Batsignal and says, "He has the power to wipe out the entire human race. And we have to destroy him." Presumably, he's talking about Superman here, but he could also be referring to Lex. If Batman is talking about the Man of Steel, let's stop for a second and ask ourselves, "Why?" If this was any hero besides Batman, I would say they were just shooting off at the mouth. But this is the Caped Crusader we're discussing here! Batman doesn't joke when it comes to murder. It’s his one moral scruple: he doesn’t kill. He’s not even willing to kill the Joker, the man who has killed literally thousands of innocent people. So if Batman’s out for your blood, it means you done royally messed something up.

Next we get a montage that is chock-full of Easter eggs. A diver finding what some have theorized to be an unconscious Aquaman, while others claim it is merely some kind of Atlantean artifact. There's a shot of some unidentified men riding horses over hills, which seems remarkably out of context with the rest of the film. We see a flashback of the Wayne murder and funeral, another shot of the Batwing, Lois rising cautiously from behind a barricade, Bruce Wayne with a look of determination on his face, Diana Prince climbing into a car, and Wonder Woman causing, well... this.

Next, we get a shot that looks like Batman in a setting reminiscent of WWII trench warfare as former Army medic Alfred says, "You're gonna go to war." This is followed by a shot which many people have differing opinions over: a shot of Batman brutally fending off an attack by Superman's legion of "Men In Black" and snapping one's neck. There is a multiplicity of theories to explain why Batman is willing to violate his one rule in this scene and resort to such drastic measures. One theory is that this is taking place in a dream sequence. Another is that it's actually not Batman in that suit. It could be a guy hired by Lex to impersonate the Dark Knight in order to discredit him to the public.

We see another montage: the Batmobile driving past an explosion, Superman turning to look over his shoulder as we hear Alfred say, "He is NOT our enemy." But WHO is not their enemy? Superman? Lex? If Alfred is referring to Lex here, why would he be saying that Lex is not the bad guy? Next, we see a mysterious figure riding a motorcycle into the Lexcorp headquarters. Some have proposed that this mystery man is in fact the civilian identity of Ezra Miller's Flash, Barry Allen. If this theory is true, why is Barry cavorting with Lex? If it's not Barry, who is it? Next we see a shot of what is likely Lex Luthor from the waist down walking over a floor covered in bullets. What happened here? Did someone try to force their way into Lexcorp? Was it the Flash? The scene shifts to Lex's R and D lab where he is shown gloating over a rather massive chunk of kryptonite.

We see the armored Batman send Superman through a roof as Lex says, "Black and blue." We get a quick shot of Wonder Woman recovering from a blow and then see Superman using his heat vision. Batman uses his grappling gun and escapes just before the twin beams hit. We hear Lex say, "God versus man." A shot of Lois and Superman sharing a kiss quickly morphs into Lex saying "Day versus night." Superman is shown hovering while Batman smashes through a window. Lex says in a tone that is somewhat jocular, "The Red Capes are coming. The Red Capes are coming."

And we end with Superman prying the roof of the Batmobile apart, and the Dark Knight standing up for an epic staredown with the Man of Steel. Get ready for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)!

Well those are my thoughts! Now I want to hear yours!


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