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1. Sir Alec Guinness filmed his scene from Return Of The Jedi in just one day.

2. The second Death Star was almost 460% bigger than the first one.

3. The famous line spoken by Admiral Ackbar "it's a trap" was originally "it's a trick".

4. George Lucas wanted Steven Spielberg to direct Episode 6 but he could not commit because he was part of the Director's Guild and George Lucas had a falling out with the Guild over The Empire Strikes Back.

5. A New Hope was the first science fiction film to be nominated for Best Picture.

6. Han Solo was based off of George Lucas' friend, Francis Ford Coppola.

7. George Lucas' first script was originally 200 pages long.

8. The shape of the Millennium Falcon was based of a hamburger with an olive sticking out of the side.

9. Luke Skywalker was almost a girl.

10. Han Solo was originally going to be featured on the Wookiee planet of Kashyyk in Revenge Of The Sith.

11. The battle droids from the prequels where going to be white like the Stormtroopers.

12. Yoda's real name is Minch Yoda.

13. George Lucas dropped out of the Director's Guild Of America because of he wanted to use an opening crawl.

14. The band "N Sync" had a cameo in Attack Of The Clones but it ended up being cut out

15. Bossk's outfit from The Empire Strikes is a recycled costume from Doctor Who

16. The waterfalls on Naboo in The Phantom Menace are actually salt.

17. In early drafts of the script R2-D2 could speak english and he swore a lot and C-3P0's reactions where left in.

18. The Wilhelm Scream is heard in every Star Wars film.

19. Episode 4 won the most awards at the 1998 Academy Awards.

20. Keira Knightly plays Queen Amidala's double in The Phantom Menace.

21. Kenny Backer was supposed to play the main Ewok but he got food poising and the role was given to now famous Warwick Davies.

22. HAN SHOT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23. Han Solo's ship is briefly seen in the prequels

24. Bad Motherf*#%er is engraved in Samuel L. Jackson's lightsaber which is a reference to Pulp Fiction.

25. Natalie Portman did not attend the premiere of episode 1 because she studied for finals.

26. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher did not use stunt doubles for the scene where they swung across the pit in a New Hope.

27. Star Wars was the first movie to ever gross 300,000,000$

28. Mark Hamill has said that the studio was angry that Chewbacca was not wearing pants.

29. A total of 19 planets are shown in the Star Wars films.

30. Star Wars and 2001: A space odyssey have almost the same production crew.

31. David Lynch turned down directing Star Wars Return Of The Jedi.

32. There is a website that puts fan made clips together to recreate the Star Wars films. It's called Star Wars Uncut.

33. Star Wars saved 20th Century Fox from going bankrupted.

34. Al Pacino auditioned for the role of Han Solo.

35. The Ewoks are named after the Miwok which is a native American tribe indigenous to the Red Wood Forest which happens to be where they filmed the Ewok scenes in Return Of The Jedi.

36. The idea of Darth Maul's lightsaber originates from the expanded universe.

37. George Lucas wanted an iconic voice for Darth Vader and he thought about casting Orson Welles.

38. Real life World War 2 footage was used to inspire the Milenium Falcon fights.

39. Yoda has a first name originally and it was Buffy.

40. George Lucas mostly edited the movie himself.

41. The force was originally called the bogan.

42. Darth Vader was the first character that Lucas invented for the story.

43. Apparently only the polar area of Tatooine is habitable due to Tatooine's two suns.

44. Originally George Lucas had envisioned Luke as a dwarf.

45. Lucas originally wanted to make a Flash Gordon movie

46. George Lucas was inspired by Dune.

47. George Lucas got in trouble with producers because the original script was to much like the original Flash Gordon episodes.

48. Disney originally passed on the idea of the original film.

49. George Lucas created Industrial Light and Magic for the first film.

50. Robert Ingland who played Freddie Krugger told Mark Hamill to go to the auditions for A New Hope.

51. Peter Mayhew and David Prowse got the choice of playing Chewbacca and Darth Vader.

52. There is a playboy cover in the rebel ship from the beginning of the original film.

53. Utapau was the name of Tatooine in the script while they where shooting the first film.

54. David Prowse is the man in the Darth Vader costume did not know that his voice would be dubbed.

55. George Lucas took the word "Jedi" from Japanese.

56. Mark Hamill broke a blood vessel in the trash compactor scene.

57. A comedic bump sound effect was added to the famous Stormtrooper head bump moment in the 2004 re-release.

58. Boba Fett's first appearance was in the hated Star Wars Christmas Special from 1978.

59. Mark Hamill was forced to bump his head more than 10 times on the ceiling of Yoda's hut before the director was satisfied.

60. Famous puppeteer, Jim Henson was offered to role of Yoda but he turned it down and just oversaw the creation of the puppet.

61. The Empire Strikes Back was George Lucas' least favourite Star Wars film.

62. Frank Oz who voices and puppeteers Yoda of Muppets fame, brought in Miss Piggy to make Mark Hamill laugh.

63. Alan Rickman auditioned for the role of Moff Jerjerrod in Return Of The Jedi.

64. A young Han Solo was going to appear on the Wookie planet Kashyyyk in Revenge of The Sith.

65. Ralph McQuarrie who did all the concept art for the original films left the production of Episode 6 because he hated the idea of Ewoks.

66. The languages the Ewoks speech is a variation on Tibetan.

67. Count Dooku only has three lines in Revenge of The Sith.

68. Ian McDiarmid had a bad case of laryngitis while filming the Opera house scene in Episode 3.

69. Many of the actors favourite moments of shooting in Attack of The Clones was the bar scene because it was an actual set and not just a blue screen.

70. Natalie Portman's voice was enhanced to differentiate between Padme and the Queen in The Phantom Menace.

72. The Chewbacca suit started smelling really bad after the trash compactor scene for the rest of the shoot of A New Hope.

73. Darth Maul has a total has three lines.

74. Ray Park played Darth Maul but Peter Serafinowicz voiced him.

75. The Pod Race is a homage to Ben Hur.

76. Revenge of The Sith is the only Star Wars film with a PG-13 rating except for The Force Awakens.

77. The unused footage from A New Hope was used in the Star Wars Christmas Special.

78. A deleted scene in Episode 1 shows Anakin on Tatooine getting in a fight with a young Greedo.

79. All of Aunt Beru's lines where dubbed.

80. James Earl Jones was uncredited in Episode 4.

81. Once Anakin is called Darth Vader by Palpatine the script only refers to him as Darth Vader.

Taken from The Revenge of The Sith screenplay
Taken from The Revenge of The Sith screenplay

82. Tim Roth was in consideration for the role of Obi-Wan in the prequels.

83. Tupac shortly before his death auditioned for Mace Windu.

84. The name Jar-Jar came from George Lucas' son.

85. The hologram chess game that is played by C-3PO and Chewbacca is called Dejarik.

86. Mustafar was inspired of George Lucas' vision of hell.

87. Time Magazine voted Star Wars the best movie of the year.

88. 20th Century Fox promoted A New Hope at Comic-Con because they believed their main demographic would be there.

89. The first Star Wars comic books where published before the first film ever came out. The only thing the writers had to inspire themselves from where the concept art. Due to their lack of information they created a green space rabbit named Jaxxon.

90. Darth Maul has a total of ten horns on his head which had to be put on one by one with prosthetics.

91. Luke in the early drafts of the first film was a 60 year old general.

92. Anthony Daniels was not happy with the outcome of The Phantom Menace.

93. The way that Palpatine becomes Supreme Chancellor is supposed to mirror how Hitler got to power.

94. Ewan McGregor asked if he could play one of the emperors red guards in Episode 3.

95. Digital effects artists had to digitally repaint C-3PO's armour frame by frame because it reflected the green screen.

96. In a deleted scene from A New Hope Luke is called Wormy.

97. When Hayden Christensen got his lightsaber for the first time for rehearsals he made lightsaber sound effects.

98. You can hear Qui-Gon Jin's voice when Anakin is slaughtering Tusken Raiders because according to the expanded universe, Qui-Gon was attempting to stop Anakin's rage.

99. Originally Mace Windu was going to an animatronic character instead of being played by a actor.

100. It's been 32 years since a good Star Wars movie but Force Awakens is going to change that.

101. HAN SHOT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

-Moses Ochs


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