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The Wedding Pact

Directed by: Matt Berman

Produced by: Jonathan B. Schwartz; Eric Scott Woods

Starring: Haylie Duff and Chris Soldevilla


Mitch and Elizabeth get to know and befriend each other in college. Mitch falls in love with Elizabeth, but doesn't decide to tell her. After college, Elizabeth throws a phrase that if after 10 years neither of them finds a partner in life, they will marry. After ten years, Mitch hasn't gotten married and discovers that Elizabeth hasn't either. Still remembering their promise, Mitch makes a cross country journey to visit Elizabeth.

The trailer got me. It has a promising aura in it that it feels like it wouldn't disappoint. That will give you that delight whenever you see true soulmates prevail against all the odds, drop what they're doing and just pursue what their heart dictates. Or, make you believe that even in a world full of cynics, and even if you've become one yourself, along will come that person who will shatter your wall of doubts.

I remembered being really bored into oblivion on a midsummer night. Though it was already night time, two hours before midnight actually, but I still feel like I should watch another movie (after watching Lucy and enjoyed it as it is, even though it could be misleading), I asked a friend to suggest a movie to watch because the movie I originally intended to watch is barely audible in my phone.

So he sent me this picture, and told me it was funny.

the dog ran out and he banged his nose
the dog ran out and he banged his nose

I thought the actor looked a bit like Prince Harry in that angle so I looked up the trailer, and the wikipedia plot and decided to watch it. What could go wrong, right? And besides I'm a fan of Rom-coms.

The first 10 minutes had been okay, until Mitch reached Texas. There he met a smoking-hot woman, Laura, played by Angie Everhart. That night, Laura's brother Rudy came to Laura's place and did some weird stuff. The next day, it was probably just a religious gathering. When Mitch finally reached where Elizabeth lives, he finds out that yes, she wasn't married. She is engaged-to-be-married. Mitch stayed for a few days, and this got Elizabeth's fiancé really angry, I won't give so much of the plot, but I guess the climactic reason why Elizabeth and her fiancé broke up was because he ran over her dog.

The storyline had lots of potential to be entertaining. I laughed here and there, and there were scenes that could have been okay had the writers been a bit more creative.

The aura of the movie gives off that American Pie sort of feel, and it seems like it's trying to give off the campy vibes ;it was set in the present day after all. However, it was too uptight. A rom-com or a romantic film shouldn't feel so uptight or forced. It should make you feel anticipation and excitement, it should make you snort in a good-natured amusement-- not boredom or indifference.

Despite just being 92 minutes, it felt like an eternity.We were led on to believe something eye-popping would happen, but it didn't. It has a lot going on,a lot of which doesn't need to happen on-screen, which only came out distracting and frustrating. I stuck through it 'cause I saw Hilary Duff's older sister Haylie in the Wikipedia cast list and decided it must be worth a shot.

But boy was I wrong.

The compensation factor for this movie is the scene at a pub when Haylie's fiancé bet Mitch into a Whipping towel challenge. If you want to watch this movie and get fed up of its tediousness, I suggest skipping to the 40th minute.

I have never seen such a pathetic "romantic" "comedy" in my entire life. It would have worked well if the tagline said "based on a true story". Then, I would have enjoyed it (because let's face it, other people's romantic problems translated into screen as slapstick is ALWAYS funny), along with the other frustrated people out there who gave this movie a very low rating; and that is taking into account the often ridiculously cheesy romantic comedies in my own country. The college humor present in this film makes me dread and imagine if my own college experience would be as uneventful as Mitch's.

It was the worst 92 minutes of my entire movie watching night. The movie is so frustrating I was wondering why I even bothered to finish it at all. Perhaps it was to satisfy my curiosity or I thought it would make me squeal like a schoolgirl, just like other rom-coms that show charming couples get together?

Soldevilla and Duff's character are like Oz and Heather if circumstances had been different.

I hated the movie, and I hated my friend after watching this movie. It's such a worthless romantic comedy if only it didn't lack the romance or the comedy.

The movie ended with a predictable "happily ever after", but if you wish to satisfy your curiosity of how things went between Soldevilla and Duff's character, go ahead and watch the movie for yourself.

Movie info source: Wikipedia


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