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Hey, listen! This article could very well hold a huge bunch of spoilers for the plot of 'Suicide Squad'. So if you're not interested in jumping aboard the rumor train - destination all over the place - then go away!

The more I watch the Suicide Squad trailer, the lower my hat tips towards Warner Bros. and DC for deciding to shine a light on this rag tag group of anti-heroes. The movie seems as if it's shaping up to be the sweet link between Man of Steel and BvS, and set up the dark and dishevelled world the characters of the DCEU inhabit.

With the ridiculous amount of characters the movie will introduce, we will finally see the Justice League's rogue's gallery in action, and the political machinations that will kick into gear once they realize that they and the rest of humanity are mere ants.

But all movies must have an antagonist, whether ambiguous or solid as stone, so with all of these bad guys in the pot... who could turn out to be the most superbad?

1. Lex Luthor

Word on the street is Luthor will, naturally, be up to no good in Suicide Squad, as he attempts to get his grubby mitts on Cara Delevingne's Enchantress. Possibly enlisting the services of a group of human traffickers, Luthor hopes to get his hands on the mystical prize - dubbed "bio weaponry" - possibly due to Superman's vulnerability to magic, and use her to take the hero down, thus become a hero of the people.

Reportedly, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and Harley Quinn will be on hand to sabotage the armed convoy, and will learn, to their surprise, that the weapon is in fact a young woman.

Likelihood: There's no doubt in my mind that Luthor will be involved in some kind of shady activity during the movie, and his Enchantress heist seems incredibly viable.

2. Batman

To this day, Amanda Waller stands as one of the few characters in DC history to effectively clip the Bat's wings. In the comic arc, aghast at the idea of villains he put away being cavorted around as anti-heroes, Batman begins investigating Waller's activities. But boasting such extensive resources, she forces him to drop his snooping by threatening to ascertain and reveal his secret identity.

Likelihood: Sure to be the overarching bogeyman, of sorts, I reckon the Bat will be used in flashback, showing how Harley and the Joker - and possibly more baddies - were caught and imprisoned in the first place. Not the bad guy, just... Batman.

3. Enchantress

In the Suicide Squad comics, each member of Task Force X is expendable, so that leaves me thinking "which one of the team will die in the movie?" And seeing as Enchantress is the most gifted character in the film, will June Moon's psychotic manipulator of magic second personality be the orchestrator of her own demise?

A few months back, some images were leaked from the set of Suicide Squad, that introduced us to some very grim looking goons. At the time we had no idea as to what, who or why these were of importance, but now their leaky emergence seems to have a bit more substance behind it.

Knowing of Enchantress' great powers, surely these bozos must be members of the armed convoy entrusted with bringing Moon to Luthor. After Task Force X get themselves involved in the operation, and possibly blow up some helicopters on their way, what if Enchantress turns the traffickers against each other, slays a member of TFX and disappears? Readying herself for an assault on the world. That would be pretty awesome!

Likelihood: Enchantress is too big a boon to dispatch so early in the DCEU's lifespan. I reckon she'll be sticking around a little while longer to be played off against the Justice League.

4. Amanda Waller

Waller views the world in varying shades of grey, the catalyst of her desire for safekeeping humanity at any means necessary, whatever the cost. Whilst that seems a pretty admirable call to action, it means that she usually has to subvert the roles of heroism.

Her role in Suicide Squad comes across to me as one not far removed from the MCU's Collector - housing some of the world's most gifted and terrible villains in her very own lead lined, Government funded pandora's box to appease her bosses and to be deployed into the heart of danger at her whim.

But hosting the DCEU's potential rogue's gallery, and having been a confidante of Lex Luthor in the comics, can we really trust this brilliant woman to have a clear view through the sludge of good guys/bad guys when or if she begins adhering to Luthor's twisted whispers?

Likelihood: I wouldn't discount Waller as a future villain in the DCEU, though I reckon her actions in Suicide Squad will be fairly noble. Definitely treading the ever thinning line.

5. Rick Flag Jr.

According to the rumor mill, Flag's activity isn't as "straight-laced" as we were previously lead to believe. Reportedly hired to keep tabs on Waller's activity, which isn't entirely a bad thing, apparently he is due to double-cross Waller for an unnamed reason by request of his father.

Could this be to gain control of the villains at her disposal, or is it literally just to keep a tab on her inhumane activities?

Likelihood: It would be brilliant to have a twist this big in the movie, and would prove that DC mean business when it comes to realizing their world steeped in realism.

What do you think?

Whilst having a little think about that, take this Suicide Squad trailer, because it's ace!

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