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So, we first saw the 12th Doctor last August played by Peter Capaldi. We all had our doubts but let's face it... He's awesome! But we know that we've seen this face before...

Looks Familiar?
Looks Familiar?

That's right! Peter Capaldi has showed up to the Whoniverse again in the episode of Series 4: The Fires Of Pompeii. Check out below his appearance:


Crazy right? But how will all this be connected? Well, fear not fellow Whovians because Doctor Who show-runner Steven Moffat has an explanation for all that!

Speaking to the RadioTimes, Moffat said:

''yes, we're coming back to that idea. In fact, we'll be shooting the scene in question really quite shortly...''

Does this mean that we're going to have another Pompeii episode in Series 9? Hope so! He added:

"We are aware that Peter Capaldi’s played a part in Doctor Who before and we’re not going to ignore the fact.When I cast Peter, [Russell] got in touch to say how pleased he was, I said 'Okay, what was your theory and does it still work?' and he said 'Yes it does, here it is'. So I don’t know if we’ll get to it… we’ll play that one out over time. It’s actually quite neat.''

Wow! Can't wait to see what Moffat has for us! He also added:

"The big fun question is, we know that the Doctor when he regenerates, the faces, it’s not set from birth, it’s not that he was always going to be one day Peter Capaldi. We know that’s the case because in [Second Doctor story] The War Games he has a choice of face and all that. We know it’s not set so where does he get those faces from? They can’t just be randomly generated because they’ve got lines and they’ve aged... so where did that face come from?"

There is no doubt that the 12th Doctor will face his past. And his past is hidden in Pompeii! What do you think? Do you have any interesting theories about all that? If so please let me know in the comments!

Doctor Who will be back for Series 9 on 19 September on BBC One!

I know! Waiting sucks! That's why you can watch here the awesome trailer for series 9!




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