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We have all been waiting for an official trailer for the newest Bond movie and we have finally got one. This trailer is much longer then the teaser trailer we got a while back and this trailer has much more information. We can see in the trailer that M is getting mad at Bond for going on an mission not approved by the MI6. We see Bond in Mexico at The Day Of The Dead festival where he obviously takes somebody down. We see the new magnificent Aston Martin which looks like it has many gadgets up its sleeve. Bond asks Q to make him disappear which leads me too believe that James Bond is going to go solo for a large portion of the movie so he can go investigate Spectre without M going after him. I strongly believe that the villain Spectre is connected to Bond because when he turns over to look at 007 his face looks socked and terrified. If we look at the teaser trailer for Spectre we see Bond holding a picture.

The man on the picture looks shockingly similar to Blofeld, it even seems that the man on the image has the iconic Blofeld eye. It looks like the kid on the picture is Bond and there is a person on the right who is not visible to us due to the picture being damaged. I believe that the person on the right is Spectre villain played by Christop Waltz because I believe that after Bond's parents died that he as adopted by Blofeld and Blofeld's son is Christopher Walken's character which is why we see Bond being so shocked in the trailer because he served as an older brother too him. I am not sure this is true but it does seem very likely to me because these newer Bond movies are going to delve into Bond's past.

-Moses Ochs


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