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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Gone, but never forgotten: these words will always be true of our brother Pablo, the late Paul Walker. He was taken from his millions of fans so cruelly, but the memories that remain are sweet.

Many heartbroken fans turn to art and creativity to express their grief, and have made a whole bunch of incredible tributes to Paul, keeping his flame alive and making him proud. Check out some of the most moving displays of talent dedicated to wishing Paul Walker a blissful Race in Paradise...

These Beautiful Car Artworks

Just imagine racing in this sweet ride bedecked with Paul Walker's handsome face *sigh*... We can dream!

Simple decals but no less moving, the simple signature is a subtle touch.

It was a total genius that decided to put Paul Walker on this giant truck so that millions of people on the freeway can see his kindly visage.

Tyrese Gibson finds a car with a Paul Walker dedication on it. All I can say is, ain't no shame in letting your emotions show, big man.

Wear It with Pride

The coolest kicks for the coolest kids, these snazzy cons would set off any outfit.

In-world merch is always the coolest, and now you can be a genuine part of the Fast & Furious family business!

Li'l Lego Paul

Lego: definitely not just for kids.

This Stunning Artwork

Will Thompson uses his inimitable talent to create a loving portrait of Paul Walker in breathtaking color. Watch and be hypnotized by its exquisite beauty!

Heather Rooney's sumptuous rendering of Paul Walker is magnificent, particularly his flaxen hair and piercing, beguiling eyes!

These Everlasting Inks

The delicate lettering works just as well as the beautifully shaded image.

This elegant design is like a car decal on your skin.

With rich hues in aquamarine and deepest heather, this 2 Fast 2 Furious skyline is brimming with life, just like the memories it provokes.


Would you get a Paul Walker memorial tattoo?

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