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Heather Snowden

Re-introducing you to the toys of your childhood alongside the flippin' ace TV commercials that went with them. They just don't make them the same way anymore! Waaah!

1. Power Rangers Megazords!

Why were they were awesome? Because they joined together and went from small awesome robots, to make bigger, more awesome robots, that fight giant monsters. Duh.

2. Pokémon Cards!

Pokémon Cards a.k.a gold dust. Gotta collect them all! And then trade them all. For the shiny ones, obvs.

3. Furby!

Fun fact: In 1999, Furbies were officially banned by the NSA, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and the Pentagon. It was commonly misunderstood that Furbies could imitate voices and administrators were allegedly worried that a member of staff could bring one into work, eavesdrop on top-secret convos and “start talking classified.”

4. Power Wheels!

I desperately coveted the Power Wheels convertible and therefore hated every child that owned one. Not still bitter, not at all.

5. Polly Pocket!

Tiny person living in a tiny compact full of tiny furniture. So simple, so great.

6. Tamagotchi!

Trying to keep a Tamagotchi alive before it starved or drowned in its own poop was simultaneously addictive and the most annoying thing on Earth.

7. Sky Dancers!

Barbies with wings. 'Nuff said.

8. Skip-It!

A game of skill, agility, balance and potential broken bones.

9. Bop It!

Suuuuppppperrrr stressful.

10. Tickle Me Elmo!

Tickle Me Elmo was so stupidly cute. Just look at his little happy face. Just look at it!

11. Beanie Babies!

How many did you own?

12. Spice Girls Dolls!

So you could go on tour with the Spice Girls. And then stand them on the Spice Girls doll Sound Stage, because that was also a thing.


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