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Rob Harris

Being the cynical, world weary 22-year-old I am today, I find it difficult to see the world as I did in my younger and more vulnerable years. But hey, that's why art exists; you know, to change your perspective and stuff.

This beautifully drawn collection will restore you to your youthful, impressionable and more naive psyche. Hark back to the times when the mysterious grunts coming from your mom and dad's bedroom were attributed to a raucous parental wrestling match, when a trip down the cavernous cracks in the sidewalk would result in almost certain death. Scroll down dear traveler, and turn back time...

A Womb of One's Own

No wonder newborns are so reluctant to leave their placenta-powered home.

The Dandruff Demon

Sit back, relax and let Soapy McSuds' hands take you to scalp heaven.

Watch Your Step

After drinking that milkshake the man in the park gave him, Jimmy was trippin' balls.


Disney found a use for all the scrapped Mushu drafts they didn't use.

"Why Are You Hurting Mom?"

If you want to believe it enough, anything can be true.

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