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Spoiler Warning: As suggested by the big, bold title of this article, the ending of Ant-Man will be spoiled. So if you haven't seen it and you're still reading this, what happens next is kinda your fault...

Did you return from your viewing of Ant-Man feeling like there was something slightly lacking? Well, that intangible sense of absence might stem from the fact that a good chunk of the movie's ending was cut from the theatrical version. So, wanna know what miniature adventures you were deprived of? Of course you do, and I won't hold you in anticipation any longer!

The Original Ending vs. the Alternate Ending

The current, fairly comical conclusion to Ant-Man sees Michael Pena's character, Luis, tell Scott (Paul Rudd) that an Avenger is currently searching for him. However, director Peyton Reed told CinemaBlend that his original, since-cut ending provided a lot more closure with villain Mitchell Carson, who ended up escaping with the sinister Cross Particles:

"At the end of the movie he [Carson] gets away and has these Cross Particles, and there was a sequence where Ant-Man has an encounter with him. But then for a couple reasons, it felt like maybe we should leave those particles out there. In that original thing, he took Martin Donovan out and got the particles."

So, there was a final confrontation between Scott and Carson that saw the evil villain stripped of the stolen shrinking technology - but why did Marvel decide to cut it?

Let's Take a Closer Look

As you'll recall, the nefarious Carson was an undercover Hydra agent in the 1980s who attempted to steal Dr. Hank Pym's research. While he failed to retain Darren Cross' Yellowjacket suit, he does now have the Cross Particles, and therefore shrinking technology.

So, if Marvel scrapped the original ending in favor of letting Carson escape, then they must be planning to incorporate his stolen miniaturizing weapon in future storylines. If not in Phase Three, then further down the line. I'm betting Carson and those particles have a good chance of showing up in either an Ant-Man sequel, or in a future Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode.

One thing's for sure, the ending they opted to go for is a lot more open-ended and potentially darker in tone; both aspects I'm all for! But what do you think?


Which ending do you prefer?

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