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Tim Burton is the master behind an expanding collection of iconic and dark films, all with his signature gothic twist stamped upon them. But, even Tim had to find his inspiration from somewhere. Tim found himself more traumatized with his experience growing up, than the monsters under his bed. Many of his films are based on his drawings and characters he invented as he grew up.

"I was much more terrified by my own family and real life, you know? I think it would be more of a nightmare if someone told me to go to school or eat my breakfast. I would wake up in a cold sweat about those issues."

Tim's other influences come from a variety of places like growing up and being captivated by Dr. Seuss's work. Another influence which is really illuminated in his films is German expressionism.

Now fans of Tim Burton have created their own awesome art work after being inspired by him.

10. Deviantartist Marquerite:

I am very inspired by Tim Burton, I just love his wierd characters

9. Deviantartist wOmpy-ness:

This artwork is so sweet!

8. Deviantartist Spring-Rayne

The artist Spring-Rayne drew how they thought Alice may look when the film was first announced!

7. Merlin Burton by Deviantartist Rebenke

Archimedes does not look impressed by this situation!

6. Cinderella Burton by Deviantartist Evey-Chu

At least Cinderella's doppelgänger can go to the ball!

5. Sonic by Deviantartist Nik159:

Sonic sure looks guilty here! I love how detailed this artwork is, check out those dangerous looking feet!

4. Burton Horse by Deviantartist Captain Nutmeg:

The facial expression this horse is making is killing me!

3. Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Devinatartist Oonerina:

As Disney is announcing further live-actions, Tim Burton should someday take on this one!

2. Spider-Man by Deviantartist The Wicked Robot:

Straight off the sketchbook comes this creepy creature feature!

1. Tintin by Deviantartist Eeba-ism

The Butler looks like he's straight out of Corpse Bride! That moon also gives me the creeps!

There are tons of wonderful artists out there, but these were just a few of my favorite inspirations!

Which one was your favorite?

Source: Interview Magazine


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