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When Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel or Chris Hemsworth reaches down to take their shirt off, my lips have a knack of forming a premature pout in anticipation of the inevitable 'PHWOAR' that's to follow. You see, I've come to expect nothing less than sculpted perfection from these hulking hunks, but what really impresses me is when an unassuming underdog sheds his threads to reveal a totally unexpected masterpiece of muscle.

At one point in their careers, these following celebrities may well have been laughed out of the gym, but after countless hours spent suffering through grueling weight work, and even more spent guzzling rancid protein shakes, these unlikely ducklings have flourished into some seriously buff swans. Take a look...

1. Aaron Carter

'90s pop heartthrob Aaron Carter very much wooed with his frosted tips, rather than his bulky 'ceps. But his physique has transformed miraculously, almost as if his skin was suddenly vacuum formed tautly around his muscles. Hawt.

2. Nick Jonas

Nick clearly swapped his purity ring for something a little more weighty. That, or he's been making the most of a highly acrobatic, post-celibate life.

3. Jonathan Lipnicki a.k.a. George Little

I'm sure you remember this adorable little kid from Stuart Little and Jerry Maguire, but not like he looks here. The sweetheart has bloomed into a full on stud, and it's kinda freaking me developing a crush on the kid you used to babysit.

4. Josh Peck from Drake and Josh

Josh shed his teenage puppy fat and became the hotter half of the Drake and Josh duo - what a turn up for the books! Take a look at how different he looked before:

5. Jared Leto

Leto cut right to within an edge of his life for Dallas Buyers Club, before stacking on the pounds to play the Clown Prince of Crime in the upcoming Suicide Squad, shocking startled fans with this unrecognizable Instagram post.

6. Carrot Top

I hadn't been following the slapstick funnyman Carrot Top for the past few years, so when I saw the bulked up beast he's become I barely believed it was him, looking more like one of his over-exaggerated comedic props than the same man.

7. Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal's rapid transformation for his boxing blockbuster Southpaw is nothing short of staggering, the actor having furiously trained six hours a day for six months before filming. As you can see from his vein-bulging body above, the work certainly paid off.


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