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In recent years, our perspectives towards body image have undoubtedly become more liberal and today, it is the norm to openly celebrate our bodies, just as they are. And when it comes to growing out body hair, there is no exception. After all, we are all humans and our hairy bodies are simply a part of our biology, so why should we change that?

And in order to keep up with this talking point, the fantastic folk over at BuzzFeed have tweaked some of our favorite Disney princesses, giving a good dose of body hair to make them more akin to an average human being.

From Ariel's unshaven legs, to Mulan's unkempt eyebrows and Jasmine's hairy arms, the following images will prove to you that in this whole new (modern) world we live in, hair can be beautiful too.

Take a look!

1. Jasmine

With body hair, Jasmine is still stunning.

2. Ariel

Having hairy legs is all a part of being human, as Ariel discovered.

3. Belle

This princess is still the belle of the ball, despite her minor face fuzz.

4. Mulan

Mulan is still a girl worth fighting for, regardless of whether she has a unibrow or not.

5. Cinderella

Prince Charming certainly still would.

6. Aurora

Considering she was asleep all those years, I doubt Aurora would have had a chance to pluck those eyebrows - and she still looks sensational!

7. Snow White

She might have hairy arms, but Snow White's singing voice is still wonderful. Let's pay attention to that instead, shall we?



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