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When Magic Mike XXL finally hit the big screen on July 1, millions of fans flocked to sneak a peek at Channing Tatum and his posse of muscly torsos gyrate in a series of hypnotic movements.

If you want to relive what the stripping extravaganza has to offer, here's your chance once more:

And while the movie is inarguably sexy, it has apparently been deemed a little too risqué Down Under!

In particular, there has been outrage over censoring of the original promo poster, which features Channing alongside Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, Matt Bomer and Kevin Nash deliciously topless and wearing nothing but jeans. Take a look!

Yet, clearly the heat was just too much for the Aussie folk as a Reddit user (DaughterOfRose) posted an image of the same photoshopped poster, which strangely shows the cast sporting super tight white t-shirts instead.

DaughterOfRose captioned the image:

"They added shirts to the Magic Mike XXL poster at a bus stop near my house."

And naturally, the internet was awash with shock and horror as to why this censorship needed to happen. Is the ab and torso laden image really that dirty that it had to be photoshopped to be more appropriate for the public?

How serious is this case of unnecessary photoshopping?

Despite initially rustling some feathers amongst the Magic Mike fans, we found out that thankfully there's twist! And a cheeky explanation soon crushed the outrage.

The Mirror newspaper reported that in fact, the Australian posters had been printed on special paper with the aim of teasing each passer-by. According to sources, the image actually appeared fully clothed during the day, while exposing the boys in all their shirtless glory at night.

Oh, the wonders of science (and Tatum's rippling muscles!).



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