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Whereas Playboy's beginnings focused on the male market, the rise of Playgirl in the '70s and '80s meant that women were also gradually given the chance to ogle at some of the most stunning specimens of the male species.

Over the decades, the magazine has played host to hundreds of artists and actors, all willing to expose their semi or fully-nude bodies for our reading pleasure.

Yet, I still found it incredibly surprising that the following 8 celebrities also chose to get their clothes off for the magazine. From David Duchovny, to Brad Pitt and Tommy Chong, take a look at these Playgirl sex symbols and see if you are as shocked as I was to discover them on the front cover.

1. Scott Bakula

Date: March 1995

Captain Jonathan Archer from Star Trek: Enterprise never looked so good.

2. David Duchovny

Date: April 1997

Do you agree that this pose by the X-Files star is X-tremely sexy?

3. Antonio Sabato Jr.

Date: April 1993

As well as being known for his role in soap opera General Hospital, Antonio was also a Calvin Klein model, and judging by this magazine cover, we can all see why.

4. Big Daddy Kane

[Credit: Playgirl]
[Credit: Playgirl]

Date: June 1991

The American rapper is sporting a pretty sensational white sock and chocolate combo!

5. Brad Pitt

Date: August 1997

Apparently the "nude" photographs were taken illegally while Brad was on vacation with his then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. Despite succeeding in stopping the magazine hitting the bookshelves, many copies had already been shipped to subscribers by that time.

6. Levi Johnston

Date: January 2010

Yep, former U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol's ex-boyfriend proudly graced the cover of Playgirl once upon a time.

7. Tyrese

Date: July 2003

Roman Pearce from Furious 7 certainly wowed readers on the cover of the magazine over a decade ago. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that the images were actually taken from his CD cover and were used without his consent... Did they honestly think they would get away with it?

8. Tommy Chong

[Credit: Playgirl]
[Credit: Playgirl]

Date: January 1982

Yup, Leo from That '70s Show had quite a rockin' bod back in the day.

Which male celeb would you like to see in Playgirl?



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