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While we wait for the sixth season of The Walking Dead, eagerly anticipating Fear the Walking Dead to quench a little bit of our thirst for walker killings and intense drama, we at least have the ability to speculate about what's to come. The cast was at San Diego Comic-Con and did a lot of press about the show.

Specifically, they all sat down with MTV and together they discussed which characters they missed the most from the show. Obviously, it's not easy to stay alive on TWD, but their words proved once you are gone you are certainly not forgotten.


Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha on the show) told MTV about how big a Shane Walsh fan she was before even being a part of the series. Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd had this to say about Jon Bernthal, the actor who played Shane on the show:

"He's gonna be a really awesome Frank Castle, though."

Of course, she's referring to the casting decision made by [Daredevil (Netflix)](tag:1168702) to make him The Punisher on the show for Season 2.


Here's what Greg Nicotero had to say about another important character he misses:

"It would be interesting to have Lori still a part of the equation. I always thought it would be interesting to see where that went and if the baby was born and if it would've been Shane's."

Andrew Lincoln agreed:

"I thought there was a lot of unmined territory with that love triangle and the repercussions, as well."

Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, also called Hershel and Dale "his professors, his teachers" on the show. He missed them.

Norman Reedus also may have dropped a potential spoiler. Towards the end of the video, he busts out a "Glenn." Andrew Lincoln then acts surprised, either as a joke or because he legitimately feels Reedus may have blown it. Nicotero corrects Reedus saying, "Glenn is still alive on the show," so it may have been a joke or a reference to the comics. Check out the video below and see if you can speculate a bit on that possible gaffe.

The Walking Dead returns October 11th on AMC.



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