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Reddit is a crazy place. They call themselves "The front page of the Internet" for a reason. There's a lot of content that goes viral, but most people don't realize the majority of it started as a Reddit post. Reddit is a great place for fan theories, and once they are curated by the site's users they tend to spread. This is one of those theories.

Redditor AndrewTheCyborg has a theory that relates to (get ready for this) Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Fight Club. I know, I know. The two don't seem to be related at all, but if you give this theory a chance, you'll see it kind of makes sense. You have to have a pretty big imagination to give it a shot, though. I'll admit that.

So what is the theory, then? Well, it is basically that Cameron from Ferris Bueller, the straight-man and best friend who hesitantly goes along with Ferris's ridiculous antics, is the narrator from Fight Club. Of course, that's Ed Norton and I have to say, the two actually do look vaguely similar.

But that isn't even the main point of the theory... so here it is.

You know how at the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, we never actually find out how Cameron's father reacts to the car being destroyed? The theory posits that his dad is pissed off when he sees it and the abuse inflicted upon Cameron by his father makes him break from reality. It erases any history of his father, and eventually he becomes the Fight Club guy, imagining Tyler Durden.

Seem far-fetched? Well, AndrewTheCyborg goes on to explain the similarities betwen Alan Ruck and Ed Norton, and the plot of the two films.

Ferris Bueller takes place in Chicago... not very close to Fight Club's Wilmington, Delaware location. The theory suggests that he traveled east after this break and had all sorts of other adventures. It's an interesting theory. I'm not sure about it, to be completely honest, though.

What do you think?

(Via: AV Club)


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