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It's a trope that's pervaded over many popular book adaptations. Having a female protagonist at the center of the narrative with two men vying for her affection is an age old structure, and has appeared in some of the best known movies of the past decade. The Twilight Saga had this, as did The Hunger Games Franchise, and the entire practice has led to a culture of asking "are you team X or team Y?" It's a fun way to approach love triangles, and is certainly a bankable system, but strangely enough won't be appearing in Fifty Shades Darker.

The Fifty Shades of Grey movies seem ripe for a love triangle format, but strangely aren't set to adopt it. Perhaps it's down to EL James' bizarre writing style, but the Fifty Shades novels are almost entirely in service of painting Christian Grey in an amazing unflappable light. Any suggestion that Anastasia could be with someone else is only there to confirm that she's right to be with Christian. Rumors have been circulating that Superman himself, Henry Cavill may be set to play Jack Hyde in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel.

Jack Hyde in Fifty Shades Darker

Gotta stick with that amazing source material!
Gotta stick with that amazing source material!

News outlets have been collectively speculating over whether Jack Hyde will become the Jacob of Fifty Shades Darker, positing an entirely different kind of relationship, so Ana can be torn between the two men in her life. The only problem is that it isn't like that at all! In the book, Jack Hyde is posited as a total creep who Anastasia can't get rid of faster. Let's run through some of the sins perpetrated by Jack Hyde in Fifty Shades Darker.

  • He continually asks Ana on dates despite her vocalized disinterest.
  • He abuses his position of authority to gain sexual favors.
  • He straight up sabotages Christian's helicopter in an attempt to kill him!

Jack Hyde is meant to be read as nothing more than a dangerous loser who lashes out when he doesn't get what he wants. That role hardly demands a compelling, nuanced performance, yet it's suspected that Henry Cavill is joining the cast of Fifty Shades Darker. There's one big problem standing in the way for this project.

Could Henry Cavill upstage Jamie Dornan?

Just because a primary male character is being brought in to Fifty Shades Darker doesn't mean someone as overtly dreamy as Henry Cavill needs to be on board. Sure, he's set to be the villain, but this could create a tonal dissonance, with the audience wondering why Ana doesn't just try things just a little with this super handsome new character. It doesn't help that Henry Cavill has a very charming screen presence, despite what movies like Man of Steel will have you think. Just look at the promotional material for the upcoming [The Man From U.N.C.L.E.](tag:44548), and imagine this charismatic leading man up against the stony faced Jamie Dornan, or should I call him Jamir Snore-nan? I'm sorry I may have to end this article soon on account of being fired.

Should the story be changed?

Should Anastasia expand her horizons?
Should Anastasia expand her horizons?

Many fans will still be adamant that Jack Hyde works as an overt villain, though I'm not sure if Hollywood can resist the temptation having the Fifty Shades of Grey brand join the pantheon of money-making love triangles. Perhaps the story could be switched around slightly, with Jack being more amicable at the start of the story, showcasing Christian's overprotectiveness, and only becoming a villain at the end when he realizes he's been bested. Henry Cavill has continued his vague responses to questions of the casting, so maybe the guy in that role won't be nearly as appealing. Danny Devito as Jack Hyde in 2017! I'm calling it now!

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Does Jamie Dornan risk being upstaged by Henry Cavill in Fifty Shades Darker?


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