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Now, while Marvel Studios' absence from this year's San Diego Comic-Con was obviously a major disappointment for many of us - as any lack of usual Marvel fix inevitably is - it did bring with it a pleasant side effect. Y'see, while we may not have had the chance to get our first glimpse at the upcoming Captain America: Civil War over in San Diego, that doesn't mean we aren't going to see some kind of footage from the movie in the near future.

Instead, it just means that our geekery-infused over-excitement gets to be extended a little longer - and rather than being intermingled with Suicide Squad or Deadpool-related excitement, our Marvel-thusiasm will get to do its own thing.

The big question, though?

Just When Will We Get to See Some Footage from Civil War?

This doesn't count.
This doesn't count.

Well, from the sounds of it, pretty darned soon. Y'see, Disney's biennial fan event, the D23 Expo, is set to arrive in mid August, and according to the show's website, we're set to see a whole lot of Marvel awesomeness as part of the proceedings:

"Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm are home to some of the planet’s best storytellers, immersing audiences fully in the world of each film from beginning to end and beyond. In this exclusive Hall D23 presentation, join Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn for a tour of upcoming live-action projects from these legendary film studios. A bevy of special guests will be on hand to offer a look at an unparalleled slate that includes Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Jungle Book, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, Star Wars: The Force Awakens–and much, much more."

So, odds are we're going to get some kind of a look at Civil War in...just a few short weeks.

The next big question, though?

Just What Will We See at D23?

Well, there's a whole studio-load worth of possibilities, but when it comes to Marvel Studios, here are three of the most likely options:

1. We'll See an Extended Clip from Captain America: Civil War

After all, filming has been underway for a while now, so there's every chance that some of the earlier scenes filmed could well be ready for screening. A teasing confrontation between Tony Stark and Cap, perhaps?


2. We'll Get a Few Major Casting Announcements

The Marvel Studios gang, after all, is well aware of just how big a deal a well-managed casting announcement can be.

Bring our new Captain Marvel onto the stage, for instance, and the crowd - to say nothing of the internet - is likely to go a whole lot more than wild.

The only way to trump that, though?

3. We'll Get to Meet Our New Spider-Man for the First Time

Now, this one's arguably a little more of a long-shot, seeing as Sony might not take too kindly to an actor who's just as much their's as Marvel's being paraded around at a Disney convention, but it's tough to imagine a much more striking reveal out there than Tom Holland turning up in costume on the D23 stage come August 15, and whipping off a Spider-Man mask in front of the crowd...

And holy crap would that be awesome.

What do you think, though?



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