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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

You know, there are far too few things in this worlds that you can honestly say were made to go together, even if they're separated by decades of technology. Things literally invented to embellish each other's accomplishments, like Star Wars and gaming's sudden renewed interest in VR.

The universe of Star Wars would be absolutely perfect to traverse in the groundbreaking confines of one of the many VR headsets that are primed to hit the shelves in the coming year. And the very talented bunch of super-fans over at HammerheadVR have realized that exact fact with their teaser trailer for an upcoming Star Wars X VR.

Directed by Rob McLellan, the Star Wars VR Experience should be hitting headsets sometime 2016, but until then they've been kind enough to offer up a teaser trailer of the treats, and it is absolutely incredible. Like, sitting in the cockpit of an X-WIng and watching your squadron soar inches above your face, incredible!

See for yourself:

What did you guys make of that? Incredible or what?!

(Source: Rob McLellan/Vimeo)


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