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Could Rob Zombie be hatching a brand new masterpiece? Right now he is in post-production for another blood soaked story. 31 follows five people who are kidnapped in the days leading up to Halloween. To make matters worse they are held hostage in the savagely named "Murder World," which no doubt will be a gore infused place. As the five people are trapped, they are forced into playing the violent game 31, where they must survive against a gang of evil clowns. Are you ready for a peek at what is to come?

The Lords of Salem received a very mixed reaction from fans, with some loving it and others disappointed. I think that things may just hit the right road again with this film. The cast is a diverse mix of insane talent and the story is already filling me with excitement. Some of the cast include Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange), Elizabeth Daily (The voice of Tommy in Rugrats) and what would a Rob Zombie film be without his beautiful wife Sheri Moon (Halloween) taking the role of Charly.

Feast your eyes on the actor Lew Temple as the chainsaw-wielding and very bloody Psycho-Head!:

Chainsaws and blood and gore, oh my!

In Rob Zombie's words, Psycho-Head is:

"A real mean piece of shit, count yourself lucky you got fucked by the best! He is the even more insane brother of Schizo-Head... These two together are nothing but bloody mayhem."

I am totally stoked for this film already. Rob Zombie never disappoints me and always puts his heart and soul into everything from his music to his films.


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