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For those of you who forgot your eighth grade Spanish, "paz" translates to the word "peace." And given that Paz de la Huerta is suing director Douglas Aarniokoski, there is definitely anything but peace occurring between the two.

The reason for the suing? de la Huerta blames the director for destroying her career and is suing him for $55 million dollars.

Check out the trailer and decide for yourself:

Nurse 3D follows the story of Abby, who by night is anything but a kind, helpful nurse. Think more along the lines of murderous and vengeful. In my opinion, the movie looks pretty horrible as it is.

Paz states that Aarniokoski saw her as a nuisance, and therefore hired a terrible actress to dub over her voice. After critics noted Paz's monotonous performance, Paz decided to take matters into her own hands and sue.

The cherry on top is the fact that Paz claims to have experienced a painful injury while on set. During a scene in which an ambulance speeds by, Paz states that the ambulance clipped her and that she suffered a spinal fracture. She told the film's executives that she wanted to file a Worker's Comp claim.

Paz also wants the judge to force the director to re-dub the film with her voice.

Paz, honey. Whether the voice was yours or not, this film looks like it can't be saved, and this is just from watching the trailer. My advice is to really do your homework on the director as well as the script before signing on.

That way you can avoid having to blame anyone else for destroying your career.

[Source: Bloody Disgusting]


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