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The new sixth season of The Walking Dead might be its goriest yet, and that makes sense since time has passed and some of these walkers are getting pretty freaking gnarly. It's gross, really. But it's completely to be expected that their guts and intestines and stomachs and whatnot are taking a toll now that it's been a pretty long time.

I mean, I'm not saying walkers were ever very pristine, but the show has proven they are going to push the boundaries of disgusting-ness, as you can see in some of the new promo images.

Like this one...

From looking at this image, it's almost as if I can smell this walker. It's disgusting and I love it!

And check this out too...

When your intestines essentially handcuff you to a tree, you're not having a very good day. I hate when that happens!

Here's a group of unfortunate walkers...

Walkers have pretty shitty lives. Well, I guess they aren't actually considered lives at this point, but you know what I mean.

The trailer also has its fair share of gnarly walkers too. It was unveiled in San Diego at Comic-Con...



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