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Robin Williams had a versatile acting career, even though his major contributions were comedy roles. There was the witty yet passionate school teacher from Dead Poets’ Society, the caring psychiatrist from Good Will Hunting and the menacing murderer from Insomnia. So, without doubt, Williams was an actor who was capable of performing characters with different emotional scales. Since today’s Hollywood recognizes comic book movies as an independent genre and they are in fact a career builder, I’m focusing on the acting traits of Robin Williams and suggesting 5 comic book characters he could’ve performed. This includes both Marvel and DC, heroes and villains, supporting casts and anti-heroes.

Without further delay, let’s have a look on the list:


Let me start with the obvious one. Williams was one of the choices to play the iconic villain in Tim Burton’s Batman series. He was later replaced by the primary choice that was Jack Nicholson. It is also said that Christopher Nolan had talked him into playing the character in ‘The Dark Knight’. That too, didn’t happen but we are not sad about that, since both Nicholson and Heath Ledger performed their parts magnificently. Still, it’s a shame not to see this immensely talented actor do his own Joker persona. Whether he could match up with Ledger’s charismatic performance is a subject for discussion, but most certainly he could’ve rivaled Nicholson with his Williams-ness...


Much like Joker, Williams was once slated to do yet another bat-villain in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever’, but was replaced by Jim Carrey. Considering Carrey’s reputation of being a comedy actor with a slightly hysteric nature, it was a wise choice. Personally, I think Williams could’ve brought certain gravity to the role to the role and it would've been. It would’ve been an improvement for an otherwise campy-looking movie.

Commissioner Gordon

Another important character from the Batman universe, and this one could’ve been an ideal one for the Robin Williams considering his roles in Insomnia and Night at the Museum. Gary Oldman nailed the role in the Dark Knight trilogy with a commanding performance. If you go through the capable actors in the industry, you could’ve easily ended up on Williams as an alternative. Williams had the ability to convey emotions in an enjoyable manner. A complex character like Gordon would’ve been safe in his hands...


Let’s get out of the Batman universe now, shall we? There are a number of suitable roles for him in Marvel, and one of them is the mutant genius Beast. Forget about the Bryan Singer initiative. If X-Men were developed in the early 1990’s, Williams could’ve been asked to do a role and most probably Beast, one of the pivotal characters in Xavier’s men. Beast is a character that has a lot of experience and wisdom along with his mighty appearance. It would’ve been a great sight to see him playing ‘O’ Captain, My Captain’ in that furry-blue outfit....


Beast and Hulk have a lot in common. Both have an unnatural color tone. Both are genius scientists and have a rage issue. An actor who is capable of portraying one of them will be subsequently qualified for the other. As for Hulk, he is a fan-favorite character so the fans will ask for a much more qualified actor than for Beast. That’s why Marvel had to experiment with Bana, Norton and Ruffalo, in addition to some other studio secrets. Much like Beast, if Marvel had made a Hulk movie in the 90s, one of the wisest choices to play Bruce Banner would have been Williams. His ability to work with troubled characters along with his popularity would’ve helped that adaptation.

One thing is certain: Robin Williams wanted to be a part of a comic book movie, and it’s our loss that he never got a chance to play such a role....


Which one do you think is the most perfect role for Robin Williams?


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