ByEsther Parker, writer at

I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan so I guess this is a bit bias...okay this is really bias and it's impossible to describe how much I look up to him. After reading the article that the famous loveable character 'Captain Jack Sparrow' could possible have a new soul left me in utter disgrace. Don't get me wrong, there is a great selecton of actors that can defiantly bring something different to the character but none could even come close to Johnny Depp. He has made Captain jack Sparrow such a unique character that to match it or even top it is such an impossible task. I would rather watch the franchise die having Johnny Depp playing Captain Jack sparrow then to see someone else take over. I have always loved the movies and I would hate seeing such a wonderful creation stop but I guess everything has a beginning a middle and an end. Johnny Depp is priceless to replace but in any attempts the short straw was chosen and if they try and replace him I wish the actor all the best because what ever happens they are going to need it.


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