ByJoel Louis Morello, writer at

What kind of smear loaded propaganda question is that. Nobody said it was pro Indian, but it's less anti Indian than "dances with wolves". Because it's called satire. If the six actors understand the concept of fiction, they should get that it's not actually about real natives. Like Kurt Vonnegut didn't write about real American soldiers, yet his comic portrait of them was a national treasure. And the subject was one of the most brutal in American history. Right along with the atrocious things that happened to Indians. Humor at its best takes horrible truths and makes it so we humans don't all kill ourselves in mass suicides over the things our family has done. Sandler is pro human; good enough for me. Thank him that yer not listening to an Indian walks into a bar joke while you watch his movie. If your mind is too small to grasp concepts of pain and comedy. Go back to covering homeschool drama and writing it in your article you wrote for your mom to critic. Indians don't need help defending themselves from society. The Nez Pierce I know are self confident, and can rest on their history and legacy. Make cheif Joseph into a high production movie, and give the proceeds to giving them back the land they fought the US military for. And kick actual racists off their land.


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