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MTV's hit show Scream just aired its fourth episode yesterday and now it's time for a breakdown of who's who and who might be the killer. At the comic con panel, it was allegedly confirmed that the show will be getting a second season, but that leaves more questions than it answers. Questions like, will we find out who ghostface is in the finale, or will we get a Pretty Little Liars-esque scenario where this season is one piece of the puzzle? Personally, the former would make my stress levels decrease.

There are so many characters in this show that are shady that I'm not entirely sure where to start, but I will start with one of the three main male characters, and of course this is just my opinion, and yours are welcome, if you have any other theories comment them and I'll add them to my own.

Also this is a warning, this is full of spoilers, so if you haven't seen the show and want to, don't read this until you have.

1. Jake Fitzgerald

Played by Tom Maden, Jake is one of the two popular characters on the show. His best friend is Will Belmont, and the boyfriend come ex-boyfriend of Emma Duvall - the leading lady. Jake at first is nothing but a trope, but as the first episode progresses, we find out that he and his best friend have ulterior motives, and while we're not sure if they relate directly to Nina's murderer, it certainly is something they're trying to hide - as one of their meeting spots is the middle of the woods in the middle of the night. It is a little suspicious, isn't it? Not to mention that they met there because they'd buried something there, who buries things in the woods? Guilty people, probably.

2. Will Belmont

As the best friend of the aforementioned suspect, he has some shade too. We discovered that he had slept with the deceased - not when she was deceased, obviously, but when Nina was alive, she and Will had a little fling. Of course, this isn't evidence that he killed her, but it's certainly shady behavior. Also, I feel like his lack of money is meant to be some sort of motive, though in the latest episode that's revealed to be tied to an entirely different plot point that may or may not be linked to the killer - that, we haven't found out yet.

In general, Will emits a strange vibe onscreen, like he's telling me not to trust him, but then again that could just be a faux mask, and he might be innocent after all. Might. But something else that's a little fishy is earlier in the season Brooke's having a 'vigil' slash party for Nina after she was killed. Brooke notices that the garage door lights were flickering on and off - reminiscent of the night Nina was killed, when the lights were also turned on and off.

She goes to investigate and after a frightening moment in the dark garage, the lights are turned on by none other than Will. Why was he there? And why didn't he introduce himself? Did he see the lights on and off? Did he need to scare her? All these questions make him a definite candidate.

3. Brooke Maddox

Now, the way Brooke gets about, there's no way she's the Brandon James killer. But that's all the more reason why she could be. She's known to be mischievous, and she's able to sneak away without people realizing. While there's heaps of evidence to show that she isn't the killer, like episode three when poor Riley was chosen to be the next victim by Emma - inadvertently, but still. It's a classic Scream technique to frame yourself, to convince your friends that there's no way you're the killer, so that you can continue your murder spree. I don't know, just a thought.

4. Noah Foster

Noah is the nerd trope of the century. He's a hacker, gamer and he knows everything there is to know about Brandon James. To the naked eye, Noah isn't much, but his extensive knowledge about the killer is weird at best. At worst, it just shows that he is capable of manipulation and pulling off the most minute details with insane accuracy. He might just do Brandon James better than Brandon James. Also, his reaction to Riley might not be real. Let's just say that he was the killer, you don't want to pull a Nick in Gone Girl, you'd want people to be sure that it wasn't you, you don't want to blank, or look emotionless. That's step one in how to get away with murder. Step two is to be good with technology. Noah said himself that the killer was proficient with technology, and the only person who was able to decode any of the technical issues is him. Plus he's the nerd, and nobody suspects the nerd until everybody suspects the nerd, (See Scream 4).

5. Audrey Jensen

To find the killer, you have to think like the killer. And when you think about it, a sociopath or psychopath don't really care about their friends. They might look like they care, but they don't really care if they die. Now, with Audrey, her almost-kind-of-definite-girlfriend was murdered by the killer. Before Rachel was killed, she heard a distorted version of Audrey's voice before being ambushed.

We were lead to believe that it wasn't Audrey, that the killer was pretending. We also know that the killer would have this app handy, and that that is where the voice comes from, but how would they replicate Audrey's voice? Unless it was Audrey herself. In the latest episode, we discover when Emma and Audrey visit the closed down Lakewood General Hospital, that Audrey has this app.

Sure, it might just be a fluke, but once you heard the news that the killer uses that app, surely you would delete it? To not look guilty? And you don't download an app like that to use on your downtime, unless your downtime includes murdering people. Then you probably might.

6. Kieran Wilcox

We first saw Kieran as the new kid at high school. Mysterious, and broody I suppose nobody was thinking that this kid was the murderer, because he was too unrelated to anything to be relevant. But of course, you have to be careful of the quiet ones. And then we saw him again at the creepy lakehouse party. The same house that Brandon James was killed at? As if anybody would go, but of course they all do.

And at this party, we see that Emma runs into his arms after she finds out about her cheating boyfriend. She was in a little greenhouse alone, did he follow her? If so, how creepy is that? Plus, to make matters worse, he's the sheriff's son. And he was the one who told Emma that he had all of the case files for the Brandon James case. So he would know exactly what happened, and know most of the information that could help with him with his murder spree. Also, he wasn't in the latest episode. What was he doing? Doesn't he have to go to school? Was anybody else aware that he wasn't there, Emma for instance? She did kiss him in the aforementioned creepy greenhouse. It's always the quiet ones, so Kieran might be the man behind the mask.

7. Seth Branson

There's not really much to say about this guy except that he's super gross for getting into a relationship with a high school girl. We don't know much about him, either, except that as Jake mentioned in the second episode, Brooke might not be the one in charge. If he what he says is true, though he wasn't talking about the teacher, a passing shot from the camera of the teacher was enough to plant some estranged doubt that he might be hiding some things, and the fact that we haven't seen him or heard from him can't be a good thing.

8. Maggie Duvall

I know what you're thinking. Unless this woman is seriously deranged, there's no way she could be the Brandon James killer. Seriously, that would be messed up. Especially because she was directly affected by his death and his life. Because unless she sent herself the pig's heart, I'd say we're safe assuming she's not in on it.

9. Emma Duvall

Again, it's a no-brainer, but you can't rule anybody out. Essentially, she's the Sidney Prescott of the situation, and if you know anything about the Scream franchise you'd know she was the Final Girl in every film. So, as the main character and indirect Sidney Prescott, Emma probably isn't in on it, unless this show is about to take it from a 7 to an 100 on the f*cked up scale. Which I highly doubt if they want to keep this show going as well as it is.

Honorable Mentions:

Brooke's father and the Mayor of Lakewood, Sheriff Clark Hudson, and Piper Shay - the Journalist who might be a little too involved in the events in Lakewood.

Catch Scream on MTV at 10/9c on Tuesdays.


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