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Sometimes, amongst the flood of remakes and reboots there is a lifeline of originality. A film that actually takes a new idea and provides an outcome so fresh we'd actually like a sequel. Only sometimes that's not the case. Due to budget concerns, scheduling conflicts, and popular demand we don't always get lucky with our part twos these days. So now I present the top five sequels we will never stop waiting for.

#5 - How High 2

A stoner comedy worth watching. The first finds our two hip hop icons striving to get higher to receive higher test grades while attending Harvard Law school. Watching the antics these guys got into along the way entertained millions and is still replayed on television almost monthly to this day. The sequel was promised to us months after the original was released back in 2001 but since then nothing official has been released. Just some little fan art and tweets/comments from the stars telling us to hold on. Pity since the first one was such a classic.

#4 - Hancock 2

Everyone thought this was gonna be the start of a franchise. The commercial appeal alone was enough to get this one rolling which is why I'm sure everyone is scratching their head over why there is yet to be a Hancock 2. The budget was met and then some (624 million), Bateman, Theron, and Smith all had fun, and it was actually a good film! All the elements for a sequel were there. However this one has been dead in the water since 2009 as no news of a developing sequel has been released since.

#3 - White Chick 2

Another fan favorite to add to the list, White Chicks 2 has been rumored to be coming out since the original's release in 2004. Since then nothing real has surfaced and it seems more and more unlikely considering Shawn Wayans (one of the leads) has all but formally quit acting, with his last starring film role being Little Man in 2006. However Marlon Wayans has kept us hoping by releasing a statement in January of this year that White Chicks 2 is next on his list of projects. Let's hope he's being for real on this one guys.

#2 - Bruce Almighty 2

Quite possibly my favorite "would be" sequel on the list, Bruce Almighty was in instant classic when it hit the screens in 2003. Everyone was laughing at Jim Carrey playing god and it seemed like he hit franchise heaven when playing this role. However fans of Carrey know he is not a sequel man. Having only done 2 sequels in his career (Ace Ventura 2 and Dumb and Dumber Too) it was not likely for him to return, and he didn't. Sadly a "sequel" or spin off rather, was made featuring Steve Carrel reprising his new anchor role of Evan Baxter from the first. Needless to say Evan Almighty was not on par with its predecessor. Good news is though as of 2012 Carrey is attached to star in an actual sequel titled Bruce Almighty 2. Lets hope it's a lot better than the letdown that was Dumb and Dumber Too.

#1 - The Brazilian Job (The Italian Job 2)

This one for sure caught everyone by surprise. No one expected the 2003 vehicle that was the Italian Job to catch such flight and be so successful. When it did though everyone was on board for a sequel titled The Brazilian Job that was announced months after the original. However since the announcement the film has been pushed back for over 10 years now and is currently still in "development hell." Although I'm never one to lose hope, chances are incredibly slim to see our crew of honorable thieves steal once again. Considering our cast has all moved on to bigger films it is unlikely to regroup them all again for the sequel anytime soon. I guess time will tell.

What did you think of the list? Any films I missed, or ones you felt I should have expanded on? Leave a comment below. Thank you again for reading.

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