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I've been writing a lot about The Walking Dead recently because when it isn't on TV I feel like I need to somehow will it into existence. Talking about it and discussing it keeps me from getting too bummed out that it won't return until October. But we DO have a new scene here that was left out of the final cut and it works pretty well to satisfy your appetite for some more TWD action.

You may remember a pivotal moment in the "Forget" episode of Season 5 where Carol gives guns she stole out of the armory to Daryl and Rick to arm themselves secretly, even though they were forced to previously give up their guns. Rick was hesitant to take them at first, but after his brawl with Pete, Rick then points his gun at the citizens of Alexandria in one of the more iconic scenes from the season.

In a newly surfaced deleted scene that will appear on the Season 5 DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD release by Anchor Bay Entertainment (August 25th release date), we see a different Rick talking about restraint while discussing the gun issue with Michonne.

Check it out:

“Is that true, what you said about us not having our guns?” asks Michonne as they walk alongside the wall at Alexandria. “It is,” answers Rick. “These people aren’t ready. I think we should have them, but we’re new. We’ll get there. Right now, it’s their rules and not ours.”

But Rick is ready. He knows that Michonne's katana could come into play and this scene kind of alludes to what we now know happens later - Michonne knocking Rick out after he pulls out the gun.

I can't wait for this show to come back. October 11th couldn't come any sooner...



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