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Resident Evil 2 is being remade and it looks and sounds GORE-geous. Raccoon City's streets lie untouched for just over 17 years, are you ready to step back within its decaying walls after all this time?!

As you may recall, Capcom have already remastered and released Resident Evil HD, Code Veronica and Revelations 2 onto the current gen machines.

This time around however, it's the fans that are remaking the next title. The studio behind the latest remake is known as Invader Games. InvaderGames are a young and passionate team with the genuine gamers' interests at heart. Primarily comprised of some of the most avid gamers and tech junkies, this passionate team are perfect to lead this remake.

The Plot

Set two months after the horrific events in the first Resident Evil game, Raccoon City is hit by the unstoppable wave of infected. An outbreak of the T-virus has rendered almost all of the city's inhabitants either deceased or walking deceased.

This time we have the choice of two protagonists. The first being Leon S. Kennedy, a police officer struggling to get to grips with what terrible events are unfolding on his first day in Raccoon City. The second character is the legendary female ass kicker, Claire Redfield. Claire is a student that has come to the city in search of her brother Chris.

Amid all of the murder and decay we also encounter William Birkin, the mutated creator of the even more powerful G-virus. It's a fight for survival.

Bringing Classic Horror Up to Date

The seemingly perfect title of Resident Evil 2: Reborn has been adopted by the creators as it prepares to go head to head with the modern survival horror title.

It is a direct remake of the original 1998 title that was released on PlayStation. This time around the crafty lot at InvaderGames have built it on the high spec Unreal 4 Engine.

The idea was not to solely remake a classic with better graphics but to build further upon the superb foundations that the original has. The remake will stay true to the storyline and character rosters will not change, however, they will be making changes to other things.

This remake has the modern horror genre in mind but caters specifically to the old school Resident Evil player. All of the now iconic sound effects and heart-pounding cinematic intervals remain but there will be improved lighting features, brand new health systems and much more. The entire manner in which the player can interact with the world around them will change.

Come release, we can all dive back into the hell that is Raccoon City. We will still recognize all the locations and characters, we will still feel that iconic atmosphere that only a Resident Evil game can provide but this time around, the entire experience will feel completely new.

It Still Looks Like Resident Evil 2!

Many aspects of the design have been modified but have purposefully not gone to the point that it becomes an entirely new title. The emphasis is on 'feel' rather than 'look.' The footage provided is all Alpha footage so you can expect the final result to be a lot sharper than what you see here.

The title is made by gamers, for gamers, and is strictly a "nonprofit game." This is something that Capcom will hopefully consider if they ever plan to get physical with the young team.

Not only will this epic horror classic be back looking better than than ever, it will also be free. That's right, free. Made by gamers, for gamers and free. There is no date of release thus far coming from InvaderGames, but you can keep up-to-date with all the latest news on both here and their website.

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