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Hi. Today I decided I'm going to do a fan casting for teen titans. These are my opinions so don't get upset. I'm going to focus on the team from the cartoon (Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire) but may add some others in. I'm also going to try and use teen actors.

Let's get started.

ROBIN (Nightwing)

My choice for Robin was a tough one. I wanted a Young actor (13-15) but couldn't think of any and decided to go for an older Robin (Nightwing) instead. My choice for Nightwing is Douglas Booth. I think he looks like he could fit in with the darker theme of DC.


My choice for Raven is Maisie Williams. Watch Game of Thrones and you'll know why.

Beast Boy

This may be a weird choice but I think it could work. My choice for Beast Boy is Isaac Hempstead-Wright. I think he looks goofy enough to play Beast Boy but can also pull off the more serious moments.


Starfire was a hard choice and I have two choices for the character. I think Ariel Winter would be a good choice for the role. She's got the figure for it. All you need is some red hair dye.

My other choice for Starfire is Bella Thorne. She's had some huge success in film and tv and would be great as Starfire.


This was the hardest character to find an actor for. Marcus Scribner ended up as my top choice. He's not a very well known actor but He's got the acting skills for the role.


What do you guys think? Do you like my Fan Casting for the TEEN TITANS?

Comment your choices if you think they're better.


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